Isaac Delusion – Isabella

68BC2943-01EA-409E-9A29-8E82C034CB43.jpegParisian outfit ‘Isaac delusion’ have struck a chord with Isabella. A chirpy strange pop number with superb ‘Jai Paul’-esque guitar licks. We heard this song a few months back and still have it on repeat. The vocals are unique and the music video also. One of the best songs of late 2017, so we better just throw it here for you! Let your weird side out! Enjoyyy!



Shimza – All Alone

shimza-and-blackWe found this absolute gem when ‘Black Coffee’ Blasted it out in Salle Wagram for Cercle. The track filtered through halfway through the set and sparked a wild search for its name and origin. Shimza – Yet another hot property hailing from South Africa. The song is absolutely powerful! Brooding chords and a chirpy rhythm that keeps you bopping. It’s nice to hear ‘Black Coffee’ supporting this tune as both had a heated war of words over Coffee’s lack of support torwards Shimza’s releases on ‘soulisticmusic’. This song will be large. Released Today!!

George FitzGerald & Bonobo – Outgrown


Don’t you just love when your two favorite artists release a collaboration!! British heros Bonobo and George FitzGerald have just released ‘Outgrown’ from their upcoming ‘All that must be’ record- released March 9th on ‘Domino’. Two of the best live performers teaming up here- Exciting stuff. Check out Outgrown below. Enjoy.

Blast From De Past – Sebastien Tellier- La Ritournelle


‘If Jesus Christ wore a suit and smoked Camel Blue’ – Tellier is the slickest man ever born. Quite possibly the coolest G on the planet; Sebastian Tellier killed it in 2005 with ‘La Ritournelle’; Still to this day the song resonates! Legend! Catch the accoustic Version below.