Fantasia – Not The Way I Do (Jovonn Remix)


E1 London

Tonight : 31st March 2018

This will be spun!

No Words.

Nachtbraker – Backstabber

imagesThe title track from Nachtbraker’s EP has people quaking in their (roller)boots; literally. This is the type of track fit for any stage and any summer festival. The Wobble in the beginning is just bliss-ness personified. With Dirt Crew Recordings complimenting the song with a superb rollerblading video it’s difficult to grasp how this song has pretty much slipped through the net. Music is a hard hard industry to mesh your music into peoples headphones. All you can do is create and wait. What a tune. Nachtbraker with a monster.

Tenderlonious + Dennis Ayler – Butterfly

download (2)Ripped from the 8rick Ci7y album; ‘Butterfly’ exemplifies why Tenderlonious and his cousin Dennis are so widely respected in London at the moment. He heads up 22a music and has done great work releasing a whole host of young inspired London musicians’ work through his label. The Jazz Cafe London hosted his album launch and I’m sure he was invited back numerous times since. Jazz is not my overall forte or personal choice – however – good music has absolutely no boundary! Tip the hat boi. Check out this chilled work below.

Ptaki – Jak Ptaki

ptaki28Well well well – One of the most beautiful guitar samples we have ever heard right here. The ultimate wind down song to spin after a wild wild night- The romantic dancing song that would get even the most opposite individuals dancing close to each other on the dance floor. Simply stunning stuff from ‘Ptaki’ – the mysterious Warsaw based duo! Ptaki means Birds in Polish and this sample heavy body of work will get the birds moving gracefully to the rhythms! A great find this one. Mellow Mellow!