TECHNO || Garibe ● Cavas

I was dipping through Norwegian Label Beatradar‘s catalog late last night and stumbled upon an absolute piledriver of a Techno tune from French producer Garibe. We havn’t featured many pure tech tunes recently so I thought I would endulge myself in a cheeky little post before bedtime.

For the last couple of years we have visited the absolutely superb Paradigm Festival in Groningen, Netherlands. The festival is purely techno and a crack team of us fly over each year and rent bikes for the weekend. We cycle down to the abandoned sugar factory where the fest is held each night and get the swinging groove on for hours at a time. I found myself lingering around in the basement room last year listening to a full 8 hour acid techno set from Berghain resident unbalance. Garibe’s acidic style of production takes me right back to that memorable set from the Russian. Looking back, I’m fairly certain he must have been playing Cavas on repeat for 6 of those hours.

Cavas is an intense progressive growler that develops cautiously and skillfully. The well placed hi hats, the industrial sounds, those acidic analogs all work perfectly in tandum to create this superb rolling techno track. I have always loved deep melodic techno with Baikal, Jay Quentin and Daniel Avery getting alot of air time recently. I’m happy I can induct Garibe into my tech shuffle now. Nothing beats those long nights raving – I’m craving one now, take me back to the sugar factory.

Check out this stellar dark roller below.

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