Two Powerful French Releases This Week From ‘Inigo Montoya’ and ‘Drop Lone’.

This week sees the release of two absolutely powerful pieces of music coming out of France. Inigo Montoya have released their politically charged new single MDTG and duo Drop Lone have released their latest banging instrumental piece Take Me Down. Inigo Montoya / MDTG We are huge fans of Inigo Montoya here at The Sound… Continue Reading →

Electronic Music | Crate Digging #10

As people in the UK start wandering past my window in large groups to sit in the parks together. I shake my head in disapproval but luckily enough can find solace in some newly released electronic gems this week. The electronic crate dig is back for it’s weekly addition – this collection is the tenth… Continue Reading →

Iñigo Montoya – Mon Amour abandonnique, Vol 2

We delve deep into the bag here to unearth the quite spendid second volume of Iñigo Montoya Mon Amour abandonnique. The name of the song is quite a mouthful indeed, not to mention the fact that I don’t speak a word of French – this doesn’t impede my enjoyment of this vibrant pop track. I know… Continue Reading →

Introducing | SIBÉRI

A French music maker who has sculpted his sound whilst travelling the globe. Sibéri‘s sound is captivating, he is making creative and hellishly unique little grooves. I stumbled upon him a few weeks ago and have since become fairly obsessed with two of his tracks already. His 2018 single Pazapa and his latest release Lotus… Continue Reading →

50 New Songs to Get You Through Quarantine (Part 2)

Well folks, corona virus is actually here. There’s no more sugar coating it, we will soon be following the Italians and enduring a couple of weeks at home. If music is your thing, we have compiled a nice list of tunes to get you through the boring times ahead. Stay safe all and keep those… Continue Reading →

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