London-Based, American modern artist Julia Smith is The Sound Sniffer’s in-house artist. Her portraits are an absolute pleasure on the eye. Occasionally Julia creates lovely artwork for her favourite acts featured on the site. Here, we combine physical art with music. Submit your music to us to be in with a shot of being picked for a magnificent portrait. Check out all her portraits below.

Her Personal Instagram page is HERE
(Feel free to follow her and if you have any enquiries, she doesn’t bite – get in touch with her)

Phil Simmonds



About ‘The Sound Sniffer’

The Sound Sniffer is a music blog which is still only a baby – Founded and run by Kevin Coakley in early 2019. He is a music writer and ghostwriter. ‘The Sound Sniffer’ has also run showcases in London since Oct 2019. The showcases are picked from artists we find in our submissions inbox.

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