Is Ross From Friends’ 2018 Album ‘Family Portraits’ One of The All Time Great Electronic Albums?

I have a few spare minutes so here comes a controversial statement and I'm just going to throw it out there. 'I firmly believe Ross From Friends' 2018 album 'Family Portraits' is one of the best electronic albums of all time'. Okay, it's out there. My head is certainly a mile above the parapet here.... Continue Reading →

Album Review | Jonny Ong / Visions of the Aquatic (2019)

It's not often I embark on a whole album review here on The Sound Sniffer - I save these pieces for the albums that really take a hold of me. Jonny Ong sent me a track called 'Lost at Sea' from his album 'Visions of the Aquatic' last week and I got childishly excited about... Continue Reading →

Album Review / Alex Bayly – Ley Lines (2019)

Alex Bayly was a nice find for me just as 2019 drew to a close. I first caught wind of this hard-working musician through listening to his beautiful single ‘Animal‘. He is one of the most dedicated gigging musicians in the city – he seems to be playing a gig every second day. His music struck... Continue Reading →

Album Review: Joel Ansett – A Place I Knew Before (2019)

Joel Ansett is an artist who has been firmly on our radar here at The Sound Sniffer for months ever since hearing his single 'Cadillac'. He hails from Denver, Colorado and is currently unsigned, believe it or not. He made real headway back in 2017, when his emotive folk ballad ‘Give Our Hearts Some Weight‘... Continue Reading →

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