Petit Biscuit – You


Chilling stuff here from the nicely named ‘Petit Biscuit’. This is one of my favorite songs and just had to throw it up here in case anyone missed it. A true work of art for all to enjoy. This tune will have you running to the piano to play the hook. Wonderful Stuff altogether. Lovely.


Tunnelvisions – Guava

A6AD55E2-0A64-4BF8-9ACE-9BD7E578817C.jpegThe Sound of the summer so far from Dutch duo ‘Tunnelvisions’. ‘Guava’ is as ripe as the fruit this time of the year and is ready to be consumed. Uplifting, chirpy and vibrant – this is a tune for the BBQ sound rotation. Take it in below.

Released via Atomnation.




Madeleine Peyroux – We Might As Well Dance

427A0D13-011B-4969-A65F-5F42D810A0C5American Jazz vocalist Madeleine Peyroux has been on the go for the greater part of 25 years touring and honing her craft. With a smooth chilled voice she captured the hearts of many on her musical journey. Her latest release ‘We might as well dance’ is just jaw-dropping in its simplicity and beauty – a real gem of a tune reminiscent of a certain Van Morrison ‘Crazy Love’.


Aleksandir – Dreams

71203A90-0B6D-4149-ABCD-1CD9D3629257Our track of 2018 so far has been Turkish whiz kid Aleksandir’s sensational ‘Yamaha’ so it’s no fluke we have been milling through his other releases. One such new tune is ‘Dreams’ with it’s melancholy background lounge style. This fella is making some fresh stuff this year and Tessellate London are all over it. I’m a big fan of his nifty n shifty beat work. Keep them coming.