Cat Ryan – A Newcastle Based Trio Making Infectious Wavy Tunes

I've been sitting in my sister's house up in Salford all week - I came prepared with the laptop in hand for a full week of music searching. Lockdown is still pretty much in full flow as long as the deaths are tragically still happening, we've pretty much had to just stay in and go... Continue Reading →

Electronic | Crate Digging #013

Welcome to edition thirteen of the Crate Digging series - this is where the latest and greatest underground electronic tunes are compiled together. I try to do this weekly but sometimes it's impossible to find five tunes good enough to feature. Thankfully, I'm really chuffed with my selections here this afternoon and can type of... Continue Reading →

Porto Do Son – A Collaboration Between Jan Wagner & Dimitri Käch

At start of lockdown and all the emotional turmoil and angst that came with it, I eased the stress by listening to the wonderful soundscapes of Jan Wagner. Fast forward the best part of four months indoors and we appear to be crossing the line back over into normality again. Hopefully we have seen the... Continue Reading →

New Music Friday | Top Tunes of the Week

It's Friday again which means it's time for 40,000+ new songs to surface on Spotify this afternoon. I'm starting to love Friday's again after a few quiet weeks recently. The quality tunes are starting to flow back in consistently as society starts to recover again. Every man and his dog were lining the inbox since... Continue Reading →

Sunshine Shout-outs | Tunes For The Heatwave

It's fairly boiling outside at the moment in London - perfect weather for chilling in the garden with a brew and the sound system on in the background. I've been shoveling gravel all morning which hasn't been that exciting per say, but these few songs have helped me through the process. Maybe I should rename... Continue Reading →

London’s Simeon Rodgers Releases Impressive New Single ‘Endlove’

I've had the enormous pleasure of having an early listen to Simeon Rodgers' new single 'Endlove'. Rodgers is yet another hellishly talented emerging musician and close associate of London collective 'Fake Turins'. Simeon is a well-respected touring sound engineer by trade and started dabbling in his own electronic sounds just over two years ago. He... Continue Reading →

Introducing | SIBÉRI

A French music maker who has sculpted his sound whilst travelling the globe. Sibéri's sound is captivating, he is making creative and hellishly unique little grooves. I stumbled upon him a few weeks ago and have since become fairly obsessed with two of his tracks already. His 2018 single Pazapa and his latest release Lotus... Continue Reading →

Friday Folk Fix: With Sam Johnson and Tommy Ashby

It's still quite overcast and dreary around the city of London, I'm sitting at my desk, still in my socks and haven't even ventured outside yet. I'm in a folk-y mood and luckily enough, two great UK-Based Folk tunes have been released this morning. The first comes from Scottish singer/songwriter Tommy Ashby and the second... Continue Reading →

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