The Sound Sniffer’s ‘Post’ Lockdown Mixtape #39 

Been busy recently - actually I've been busy since April - mad busy for my own standards. Today I feel like maybe I've been a little too busy... Tired but restless - languid yet alert. It's a reflective Sunday evening here in my room and a monologue is just what the doctor ordered. These Lockdown... Continue Reading →

Hak Baker Returns With ‘Cool Kids’ – It’s Been On Repeat All Day…

Back in 2017 I went to Eurosonic Festival in Groningen - it's a trip myself and friends try to make every year. It's the coolest showcase music weekend I've found and always throws up some special memories. One standout moment from 2017's event was Hak Baker's performance in a small old-fashioned school hall type venue... Continue Reading →

Sienna’s Pick of The Week | ‘City Air’ by New Wolves

Hey hey y’all, Sienna back again with some fresh tunes for your hungry ears – and this week I’m on a massive soft indie hype, we’re all about upholding a chill tone, melodic vocals that sound like honey, and instrumentals bordering on electronic but keeping true to the low-key atmosphere. Welsh band New Wolves have... Continue Reading →

In Conversation: LAVENDER interview

This was a hugely significant interview. Following on from eighteen months isolating, sitting in our rooms and zooming - this was the big return of the ‘in-person’ interview. Myself and The Sound Sniffer’s newest recruit, Sienna, met Oskar and Adam from lavender down in Hoxton a couple of weeks ago. As I was organising the... Continue Reading →

The Outlaw Ocean Music Project: Tobias Rieser (Klangkarussell) Interview

A couple of weeks ago I chatted to Tobias Rieser, one half of Austrian Electronic duo Klangkarussell. The duo have just released a wonderful single to support Ian Urbina's Outlaw Ocean Music Project. I've really been enjoying covering this mammoth project and listening to all the songs created. Fusing music making and journalism together -... Continue Reading →

The Sound Sniffer’s ‘Post’ Lockdown Mixtape #38

I started writing poems about three weeks ago. The first came impulsively one morning and was based on some intense emotions that were bubbling inside me. It was a heart-pouring and necessary release to help me move on from that place in time. Since then, I've kept up the trend and have since drafted four... Continue Reading →

The Sound Sniffer’s ‘Post’ Lockdown Mixtape #37

Back to the monologue - back to what I enjoy the most about this blog. Welcome to episode thirty seven of The 'Post' Lockdown Mixtape - the feature that keeps rolling and rolling. Although there is a wedding happening downstairs in the venue right now, I've got a window of time to draft this piece.... Continue Reading →

Kate Brunnotts Releases ‘Projections’ – A Euphoric Pop Anthem

Around two years ago I recieved my first submission from Kate. It was a weirdly experimental and abstract single called 'Bicycle Spokes'. Initially I didn't really know what I was listening to and that's why it resonated. Off beat percussion and a woman doing her own thing. As a blog that strives to uncover the... Continue Reading →

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