Brién – Luv Getter


A little sampling masterclass here from Belfast’s ‘Brién’. This tune is such an uplifting one with all those chopped vocals paired with the subtle baseline. A real gem from this upcoming young NI musician. He joins a stellar cast of Belfast born producers such as Bicep, Hammer, Swoose, who have been killing it in recent times. Keep up the work chief. Super.

Ian DPM – Lip Service


Banger Alert:

Bristol is the origin of this fresh, exciting producer Ian DPM. This fella has been uploading serious beats onto the web for the last few years through his accurately  named ‘Definite Party Matierial’ channel. The channel only promotes groovy tunes and it’s no surprise that his own compositions are very slick, intantly infectious. ‘Lip Service’ is most certainly ‘Definite Party Matierial’. Check it out. Hats off, sir.

Released on Scuffed records.





Jazzuelle – Rebirth



One of our favorite dj’s, South Africa’s Jazzuelle has just dropped another atmospheric powerful house album on us. ‘Rebirth’ brings a sense of suspense with it yet plods along with a sense of purpose. This is a collection that takes us on a journey above and beyond, the chilling chopped vocals in the album title track ‘rebirth’ create a weirdly blissful trancelike setting. This is a fantastic little preview entirely. Check it out.






Olafur Arnalds – Ypsilon

EC77E8EB-398B-4A35-BD08-33CC00C3B92CIcelandic composer Olafur Arnalds is a man well worth taking a look at. His wonderful work within television soundscapes was confounded with the BAFTA award for his track list for broadchurch. This guy has the A game when it comes to music. His work under the alias of ‘Kiasmos’ has created a distinct genre of its own nearly in minimal techno. I’ve taken in two Kiasmos live performances and it’s safe to say, him and Janus Rasmussen know the suss. Ypsilon is a composition taken from ‘Arnalds’ latest solo work titled ‘re:member’, this track is as chilled as they come and also very unintrusive. Shut eye music here.