In Conversation With : Mo Klé

A few months ago, I stumbled across a submission from Swiss artist Mo Klé, and immediately fell in love with the beautiful simplicity of the song, and after that I needed to find out more. So after a few months of coordinating and trying to get our schedules to line up, I was lucky enough... Continue Reading →

The Sound Sniffer’s ‘Post’ Lockdown Mixtape #41

I've had a week of socialising this week - out for dinner, went to gigs, spoke to friends. It was basically a holiday week without boarding a plane, packing a bag or actually going anywhere. I think people forget to go on holidays where they live. We all associate holidays with travel but this week... Continue Reading →

Sienna’s Pick of The Week :: Eddie Berman’s New Single ‘Broken English’

One of the simplest, but most incredible, joys in this life (in my opinion) is being reminded of an old song you once loved, but have since forgotten about. I doubt any of you would try and fight me on that but if you were about to, it’s not worth it I promise you; I... Continue Reading →

In Conversation With: Floyd Lavine

One of Africa's finest musical exports and one of the my favourite DJ's, Floyd Lavine, kindly took time away from his holiday this week to chat to me about his latest release Creda Mutwa which has surfaced today on Parisian label FRAPPÉ. I had the pleasure of seeing Lavine perform a blasting Afro House set... Continue Reading →

The Sound Sniffer’s ‘Post’ Lockdown Mixtape #40

Yesterday was a battle. The fun part of creating things is the creation period itself - those months of graft, just you and the laptop, working hand-in-hand making an idea blossom. It all gets a bit tedious and aggravating when it's time to release that work, sort out the fine details and sort out that... Continue Reading →

The Sound Sniffer’s ‘Post’ Lockdown Mixtape #39 

Been busy recently - actually I've been busy since April - mad busy for my own standards. Today I feel like maybe I've been a little too busy... Tired but restless - languid yet alert. It's a reflective Sunday evening here in my room and a monologue is just what the doctor ordered. These Lockdown... Continue Reading →

Hak Baker Returns With ‘Cool Kids’ – It’s Been On Repeat All Day…

Back in 2017 I went to Eurosonic Festival in Groningen - it's a trip myself and friends try to make every year. It's the coolest showcase music weekend I've found and always throws up some special memories. One standout moment from 2017's event was Hak Baker's performance in a small old-fashioned school hall type venue... Continue Reading →

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