The Sound Sniffer’s Most Played Tracks of 2023 — episode #1

It's been quite a while since I sat down and opened up the reliable old WordPress. I'd nearly got so far as thinking that these days were totally behind me as sad as it sounds : when you are in the heat of battle with life and navigating the ups and downs of the music... Continue Reading →

warner case launches Top Right Records — The Interview

Photo: Jess Licata A personal favourite musician of mine and hands down one of the most intelligent individuals I've interviewed at Sound Sniffer - warner case - is launching his own record label 'Top Right Records' on July 28th. A few years ago myself and warner chatted over zoom when the world was at a... Continue Reading →

Introducing Jagama, A genre-splitting new group for lovers of high tariff intensity

London's finest new generation saxophone player Gabriele Pribetti presents a Holy Trinity of modern jazz and electronic music alongside Jamie Murray on drums and Max O’Donnell on bass - together, they go by the name Jagama. The group combine outstanding musicianship with swooshing, intensive electronics. The cosmic trio offers listeners a wonderful cacophony of genres... Continue Reading →

Alex Francis Has Just Released An Infectious New Single & We Love It

The Sound Sniffer are delighted to announce that the incredible Alex Francis will be joining us on the 19th of August for a truly spectacular night of rustic, upbeat songs to get your serotonin overflowing and your foot tapping alongside emerging star Celine Love.  From the quaint Hertfordshire town of Hitchin, Alex Francis had a deep... Continue Reading →

Paying tribute to a wonderful Backlight Sessions Performance | Lubomyr Melnyk

Photo: Alex Kozobolis Composer, Pianist, Innovator, and my favourite, ‘the Prophet of the Piano’ are all esteemed descriptions attributed to Ukrainian born, Lubomyr Melnyk. During the 1970’s Lubomyr Melnyk revolutionised the pianistic world by inventing a musical language entitled, ‘continuous music’. From this incredible feat he set two world records; the fastest pianist in the... Continue Reading →

Jennifer Burke’s Ode To Spring | Ep #04 | New Music Showcase

I escaped the city smog last week and ran away to Cambridge. What the countryside can do for perspective is glorious and something we/I too often neglect. Here are some songs that stood out to me this week… Pocket Sun – Never mind. Pocket Sun, a five-piece musical UK based band impressed me with this transcendent... Continue Reading →

Jennifer Burke’s Ode to Spring | Ep #03 — New Music Friday

I have chosen an eclectic range of music for this week, a lil bit of pathetic fallacy to match the dubious weather and general feeling – mask on or off? Jumper or shorts? It’s not hard to see the confliction painted across faces on the Tube or in the high streets. We’ll get there, I’m... Continue Reading →

The Sound Sniffer’s Post Lockdown Mixtape #51

Where do I start on this one? A lot has happened since the last instalment of the Post Lockdown Mixtape. Time has shunted by at pace and there's barely been time for a stock take. Next Monday this blog officially begins to transition into other realms and avenues. It will be the big day, the... Continue Reading →

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