Switch – A Bit Patchy (Original Mix)

Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 16.09.23.png

Alright alright. Hear this out. Get down and get funky! Dj Switch in the mix providing us with some funky interstellar funk infused with some wild wild west.

One of our G’s – Mall Grab dropped this at DGTL Amsterdam 2018 our sniffer on-site got a whiff of this and bagged it #instasniff. Banging banger.

From all of us at Sniff – with love.



Premiere: Stoneygate – Niagara

Lincoln based songwriter/electric producer ‘Stoneygate’ brings us a sneak preview of her second Album ‘Survival’ which is released to the world tomorrow. If you are a friend of the ambient + dreamy side of life – you may just love her work. It is clear ‘Stoneygate’ is a very accomplished artist and hosts a rather fine singing voice to boot. Her compositions are experimental yet simplistic in a technical regard – We like what she is doing here and we’re eager to see what sort of reception ‘Survival’ gets – Nice work.

Top Tracks: Niagara – Nazanin’s Dream – One Fine Day

Shallou – Begin

th2016 was the breakout year for Chicago based Shallou and he has gone from strength to strength. His production stems from his love from house music and occasionally borders on the pop side of things. What strikes us is that his greatest influences are in fact two of the UK’s most cherished geniuses ‘Gold Panda’ and ‘James Blake’. Both Panda and Blake sit on a high pedestal with us and it’s interesting to hear another artist take such inspiration from them. ‘Shallou’ has a very nice whimsical style which doesn’t mesh into any huge crescendos of needless noise or a ‘big drop’ – he keeps it mellow mellow. I’m not a huge fan of the cheesy vocals in ‘Begin’ from vocalist ‘Wales’ but you cannot ignore the skill of ‘Shallou’s’ overall aim here. Nioce. We have linked a nice little unofficial video of ‘Begin’ below. Enjoy.

Electric Guest – Oh Devil

ElectricguestElectric guest are no newbies when it comes to making catchy music – ‘This head I hold’ is one of those infectious grooves that never fails to pack a punch. Also their cover of ‘Little Dragon’s- Ritual Union’ deserves a mention. On their new single Devin Di Dakta adds a ragga flavour to the high pitched vocal lead. This song is certainly sun certified and is likely to be a stalwart choon during the summer festival period. It’s catchy:cheery and vibrant with a reggae sort of vibe. Take it in.