Electronic Friday #04 | FAVELA / Breathing

So, I was sending some emails over to a couple of people on Wednesday evening - I am pretty much allergic to everything involving emails and looking at endless unread inboxes. I get like ten or fifteen submissions a day from random PR companies even though I never ever gave anyone my email address -... Continue Reading →

Electronic Friday #03 | Jacana People / Flora

Some nice electronic grooves coming out of London tonight from Jacana People. I first heard this track at the beginning of last week, on first listen, I wasn't too sure on it to be perfectly honest. There is certainly a lot going on in this one - loads of elements flying around together. Flora is... Continue Reading →

Electronic Friday #02| Robin Cars / Mojej Banki Tramp Redux

22-year old Danish/American producer Robin Cars brings the fire with a single I can't begin to attempt to pronounce. Mojej Banki Tramp Redux is his latest single and it is just the type of style I am obsessed with. Downtempo/LoFi house is my forte and this one sits perfectly in that category. I receive loads... Continue Reading →

Electronic Friday #01| Afterpol / Lose

Spain has been hit really hard with this virus mayhem sadly - Lets forget about these terrible realities for a couple of minutes. Take a bit of time, put the headphones on and close the eyes. Afterpol has just released a really nice LoFi gem called 'Lose' that will cheer you up for a couple... Continue Reading →

Rossa Murray & The Blowin’ Winds / Melancholy

Written by Sienna Filipetto Let me set the scene for you; Sunday morning, day 5 of being housebound, sitting in the sun with a coffee, my flatmates are gardening, cooking, planning how to fill their day. I’ve been tasked with finding a new track to write about. At any other point in my life, I... Continue Reading →

In Conversation With: Ollie Chanin

Ollie Chanin is a unique sounding Brooklyn based musician who has just released his new EP titled 'Young Luck' today. I have been following Ollie's music for about a year now since hearing his powerfully emotive single 'At Home During The Day'. What I find so intriguing about Chanin is his style - he doesn't... Continue Reading →

Hannah Elkins / Cloud Nine

Written by: Nick Corbin "Cloud Nine" is a title sure to peak the interest of any fan of soulful music through the decades, evoking memories of the Motown Classic made famous by The Temptations, Marvin Gaye, Gladys Knight et al.However, this modern gem, written and performed by up-and-coming songstress Hannah Elkins, brings a welcome freshness... Continue Reading →

Monday Mood Music | Jan Wagner / Kapitel 28

As we are forced to stay in our homes until further notice - it's only natural that people will become restless and anxious as the weeks go on. It's looking increasingly likely that we are going to be suppressed in our collective homes for months and months to come. For most, this will be a... Continue Reading →

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