Crate Digging / My Top Finds #4 – ELECTRONIC

My favourite part of the week is assembling my deepest and darkest picks for the electronic crate dig. I gather all of my the songs carefully and sit and wait patiently until I have enough gold unearthed to pad out a solid list. I have gotten to the point where I'm ready for it again.... Continue Reading →

Find Of The Week: J.FUR / Las Ramblas (Album)

San Diego native Jordan Furlong (J.FUR) finally drops his debut album. Five long years went into assembling this collection. It's clear that sweat and tears went have been shed along the way. Discovering albums like this rising out of the blue is why The Sound Sniffer will be staying around for the foreseeable. FFO: Gold... Continue Reading →

Elina Jones & The Fireflies / Through The Rain

This evening, we feature some rock steady grooves coming out of Lyon, France from Elina Jones & The Fireflies. Having just released their debut EP titled, 'Where We Go', Jones is one of the rising stars on the French circuit. I took in the album last week for the first time and have given it... Continue Reading →

PREMIERE // Fantasy 15 Release Their Official Video For ‘The Menace’. Philadelphia is the home of futuristic funk group Fantasy 15. They have been gracing us here with their groovy singles recently. I'm really humbled and proud to give you all first eyes on Fantasy 15's latest trippy official video. We are delighted to join them on their latest intergalactic funk adventure. Fantasy 15 are the house... Continue Reading →

In Conversation With: Alex Hudson (No Alexander)

Alex Hudson is the lead man in new London based post classical, experimental musical entity ‘No Alexander’. His pensive music came to my initial attention whilst on one of my trademark and completely obsessive online digs for new music. My ears pricked up upon listening to his emotive and cinematic piece titled ‘You Have To... Continue Reading →

Elkin / Win Win

Another super Irish release today comes from Ellen and Carla, the two talented components that make up Elkin. The duo have been singing together since the age of 15 and now are under the watchful eye of respected producer 'Lullahush', who is making them their fab beats on new single 'Win Win'. It has just... Continue Reading →

New Irish Artist: Christian Cohle and his Debut Single 'Breathe'.

Ireland has a new musician bursting onto the scene today. 'Breathe', is the debut offering from Dubliner Christian Cohle. It is epic. It's not often a first single is able to give me a sure impression of an artist's credentials. I am fairy convinced that Christian Cohle is one of the few wholly talented ones... Continue Reading →

Album Review / Alex Bayly – Ley Lines (2019)

Alex Bayly was a nice find for me just as 2019 drew to a close. I first caught wind of this hard-working musician through listening to his beautiful single ‘Animal‘. He is one of the most dedicated gigging musicians in the city – he seems to be playing a gig every second day. His music struck... Continue Reading →

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