Marlui Miranda – Tchori Tchori

When you hear a tune like this – Afro/fusion/house- you can almost bet your house the Selva Disco are something to do with its release. Optimo are categorically one of the best DJs I have ever seen and Ive have been following the Glasgow lads closely since.

They have unearthed so many African Gems and their podcasts are riddled with musical treasure. ‘Tchori Tchori’ is a trademark happy tune to inspire you as you go about your day. Big respect to Joutro Mundo for the mix.

Seb Wildblood – Bad Space Habits

Previously associated with supreme jazz remakes, Wildblood has nailed it with this almost ‘Bicep-esque’ old school breakbeat rolling tune. A wonderful beat maker is ‘Wildblood’ who just gets better and better, year on year.

Another melancholy, enchanting, window-gazing song indeed. Take a few, rewind and enjoy.

NEW ARTIST: Murakumo

Fresh beats coming out of The Netherlands recently. Murakumo is the brainchild of one half of brilliant IDM outfit ‘Ludique’, and his debut EP is a collection of well polished and intriguing new sounds. Groningen is blessed with a great deal of talent and Murakumo doesn’t let the City down. His music is a must listen. You wont be disappointed. Listen Below.

Eduardo De La Calle – The Stand (KLMN Edit) Ft. Joolz

Here we are with a pretty flawless adaptation of Eduardo De La Calle’s peculiar tune ‘The Stand’. De La Calle is one of those producers who releases a new tune every two days on spotify.

He is almost boardering on quantity over quality at times with his incessant posting of new matierial. His rambling progressive trance productions always tether on brilliant but rarely hit the mark fully. ‘Format Times’ and ‘The Stand’ are different, the conversational vocals in ‘The Stand’ are enchanting and unique. The woman is rambling and raving in the background yet the whole tune fits perfectly together. A great piece, very under the radar. This is a great remake by KLMN.