Sunday’s Electronic Fix

We share two tracks tonight of the electronic variety. First up we have a German Techno styled tune from KOMFORTRAUSCHEN and a little ambient gem from Swedish producer Sma Vagor. We are just going to drop these tracks beneath for anyone who is looking for some electronic inspiration. KOMFORTRAUSCHEN - Reflex Sma Vagor -... Continue Reading →

Celeste – Strange

Hauntingly beautiful vocals from Celeste on her brand new single Strange. Words do not have to be written to sell this absolute dime of a vocal performance. This UK artist is absolutely killing it here. If emotive music is something that floats your boat, Look no forward than Celeste to supply those inner feels, as... Continue Reading →

Inhaler – Ice Cream Sundae

Irish four piece band Inhaler bring the refreshing Sunday night vibes tonight with their brand new single Ice Cream Sundae. Their sound is reminiscent of American rockers The War On Drugs in style! I have to admit that I am an absolute fiend for this style of Indie Rock! Ever since I heard 'Red Eyes'... Continue Reading →

Yamil’s Peculiar Afro-House Track ‘Nakuru’ is Whopper.

Spanish producer Yamil has just unleashed an absolute weapon of a tribal dance tune straight out of the highest realm of Afro-House. This is not your standard run-of-the-mill house track, the trippy vocals screaming and hooting away give this song a real unique stand-alone edge. It is weird and wonderful and utterly groovy. I adore... Continue Reading →

Total Bike Forever – Ramnagar

Two best mates, Travelling the length and breadth of the planet together. Cycling bikes, making music, living life. I introduce to you UK electronic duo Total Bike Forever. The journey they have embarked on together in the last 14 months has taken them from London all the way over to Japan. They tirelessly lugged their... Continue Reading →

Blood Root – Teeth

One of my favourite artists emerging this year has undoubtedly been Taylor Wafford aka Blood Root. Her debut single Conversations blew us away here in London and was one of my most played tracks over the summer. She returns today with another sublime offering of her already trademark sound. This afternoon marks the release of... Continue Reading →

Swedish Producers ‘Otto Knows’ and ‘Biskuwi’ bring the electronic feels.

Here we share a duo of emotive electronic tracks coming out of Sweden this week. First off we share the brilliantly deep Altum by Biskuwi, with star producer Otto Knows and his surprisingly top drawer new release About You following it closely. Two very contrasting compositions - both wholly impressive in fulfilling their respective aims.... Continue Reading →

Xul Zolar – Your Ways

German band Xul Zolar were founded back in 2011 by singer Roland Rottel and guitar player/keyboardist Marin Geier. Their sound is as fresh as it gets - Your Ways is chirpy, uplifting and totally infectious. These lads were tipped as the next big thing in Germany when they first broke out. They have clearly gone... Continue Reading →

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