Jay Quentin – Information Superhighway

ADB910EC-BDE6-428A-83A3-E5EBDBA13084Some nice Acid Tech from Berlin stalwart Jay Quentin. We don’t really often post many techno tracks unless they have something really nice, this one does. The Daniel Avery-Esque drone is superb coupled with the progressive and interesting industrial sound effects throughout tune. Enjoy it if you like a birra tech.

Monday Music: Stavroz – It Was All A Ruse

718E7892-BC0D-4F81-A2A0-5E66532F676ABelgian foursome Stavroz are back with brand new Record 3 years after their debut release ‘The Ginning’ in 2015. With their usual experimental vibes on offer here, it is imperative you check them out. ‘Kasambila’ is the name of this latest collection releases of this weekend on their own Ghent based label ‘Moonfamily’ and we love the sound of it. ‘It was all a ruse’ is the standout track we have chosen. Enjoy.

Released 08/06/18

Sieeben Acht – Crank That S**t Up

28535700_10215262815064634_1714275561_nAn artist from the land of mystery here in the form of  ‘Sieeben Acht’ – This fella/lassie has absolutely nothing in regards to information about him/her on the web. All we have are two releases on Spotify under the alias.. ‘Crank That S**t Up’ is a sick slow burning tune with a fantastic atmospheric depth to the beat. Absolute gold. It’s a keeper. Listen.

TRACK OF THE WEEK: Aleksandir – Yamaha

aleksandirWell, Where has this come from? An absolute peach of a track coming out of Tessellate London. The track was premiered unsurprisingly by ‘Houseum’ – the channel run by Tessellates founders Max Van Dijk & Deelux Audio. This Turkish producer ‘Aleksandir’ is some find by them and we just have to place this as our track of the week by a length. Brilliant progressive, soft, mesmerising track with bass hooks aplenty and synth arpeggios leads everywhere. This tune brings us on a lovely pleasant little electronic expedition. Nice Find.

Vinyl Release : 1/6/18
Digital Release: TBC