[SnifferFavs #001] Maribou State – Portraits

In 'SnifferFavs' over the next while we will write about 10 albums that have influenced us greatly in the last few years ( Biased Review Alert 🙂 ).  Our daily 'SnifferFavs' section just had to launch with Hertfordshire boys 'Maribou State' and their absolutely blissful 'Portraits' album. This is my go-to album ever since it... Continue Reading →

A Lookback @ TSS’S Best Songs of 2018

In case any of you didn't get a chance to go through our list back in December, I'll stick it up again. 2018 was a stellar  year for new and exciting music, here we explore our top 10 picks for the year. 10 Leon Vynehall - Movements ( Ch III ) Leon Vynehall is the... Continue Reading →

Mr Fingers – Inner Acid

Larry Heard was one of the best original Chicago producers back in the vibrant beginning of house music. He turns 60 next year but it still producing absolute gold-dust. He recently released his first full length Mr Fingers album in over 25 years. He is an inspiration to any upcoming music maker. Imagine your grandad... Continue Reading →

Tom Vernon – Amber Fade

In the midst of a solid night of trawling through the new songs of the week, I stumbled upon this little rascal from a young lad named Tom Vernon. This fella hails from the secluded Jersey, Channel Islands UK. Vernon has clearly been working hard honing his craft in the past few months judging by... Continue Reading →

AE MAK – We Have It Right Here

Little old Ireland continues and continues to produce edgy and wonderful music - music ready to expand to a more global audience. On this occasion we stumble upon pure class from Aoife McCann released last week - 'We have it right here' is an absolute legend of a tune. What I love about this is... Continue Reading →

Helado Negro – Fantasma Vaga

I heard Helado Negro's 'Please Don't Wait' when it was pre-released back in November last year and thought it was fairly decent but ultimately scrolled on without taking to much further notice. Fast forward a couple of months and I'm sitting here listening to the same song in disbelief that I didn't fire it up... Continue Reading →

KornĂ©l Kovács – Rocks

Yes, I am back lurking around the release outpost of Studio Barnhus - Stockholm, once more. One of the founding members KornĂ©l Kovács is at it this week with a fruity new one called 'Rocks'. For me, this is far and away my most favoured label at the moment, everything seems to strike some sort... Continue Reading →

Little Comets – The Sneeze

Rewind to Circa 2010 - Glastonbury's introducing stage - you will find a young ripe Little Comets belting out 'Joanna' on the newly formed BBC Three repeat show. This is where I first came across these North Eastern U.K band in all their glory. Back then they were signed and swiftly left 'Columbia Records' due... Continue Reading →

[Sniffer Favorites #002]: Rico Puestel- Savanguard

In 'SnifferFavs' over the next while we will write about 10 albums that have interested us in the last few years ( Biased Review Alert 🙂 ). Rico Puestel is a German producer, live-act and DJ. Born in 1986, he generated an early love for music and became a multi-instrumentalist as he grew up in... Continue Reading →

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