I Just Can’t Get Enough of ‘L.A Salami’

Struggling through this week a bit to be perfectly honest - haven't been my usual self and subsequently have been finding it hard to take in as much music as normal. That said, I stumbled across a new Londoner who has tickled my fancy over the course of this dour week. His name is Lookman... Continue Reading →

Fresh Music Finds | Top Five Tunes Of The Week!

It's Monday so I've decided to compile my top five tunes of the week here. After a couple of weeks of painting fences, building patios and cooking up BBQ's, I'm back doing the music thing again. It's amazing how much a break is needed sometimes, listening to thousands of songs is tiring and can wear... Continue Reading →

Contemporary R&B | New Music from PNK FME & Wesley Joseph

July has been a weird month, a month full of the same angst but with just a little more optimism seeping in. Recently we have kind of regained half of the freedom we lost in March. We can go to the pub again, albeit a weirdly altered version of the pub. It's certainly not life... Continue Reading →

UK Rock | New Music From Blue Stragglers & Rich Parents

Music that's a little heavier. Check out two of the UK's best new rock groups. Blue Stragglers - All Mine (Sometimes) Sussex based three piece Blue Stragglers have recently released their second single following on from their 2019 debut Recover. There latest offering, titled All Mine (Sometimes) is a powerful piece of rock and has... Continue Reading →

Tunes, Lots of Tunes – The Best of The Week

Are we really on the way back to normality again? It seems things are opening up and the virus is becoming a thing of the past here in the UK. I'm still skeptical, the thing is still rampant - I don't know anymore. To compound it all, I got bitten by an insect yesterday and... Continue Reading →

Cat Ryan – A Newcastle Based Trio Making Infectious Wavy Tunes

I've been sitting in my sister's house up in Salford all week - I came prepared with the laptop in hand for a full week of music searching. Lockdown is still pretty much in full flow as long as the deaths are tragically still happening, we've pretty much had to just stay in and go... Continue Reading →

Electronic | Crate Digging #013

Welcome to edition thirteen of the Crate Digging series - this is where the latest and greatest underground electronic tunes are compiled together. I try to do this weekly but sometimes it's impossible to find five tunes good enough to feature. Thankfully, I'm really chuffed with my selections here this afternoon and can type of... Continue Reading →

Porto Do Son – A Collaboration Between Jan Wagner & Dimitri Käch

At start of lockdown and all the emotional turmoil and angst that came with it, I eased the stress by listening to the wonderful soundscapes of Jan Wagner. Fast forward the best part of four months indoors and we appear to be crossing the line back over into normality again. Hopefully we have seen the... Continue Reading →

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