The Sound Sniffer’s ‘Post’ Lockdown Mixtape #49

It’s been a while since I opened the laptop lid and decided to portion some time to a ‘post’ lockdown mixtape. I’ve been doing a lot of internal mulling and musing over the past few weeks so naturally public mutterings on The Sound Sniffer have fallen by the wayside a little. Lately, I’ve had to focus my thoughts on my own strengths and weaknesses a bit more than usual. Over the past four weeks I’ve been helping out with construction in the back garden here; we are building a patio and pathway to our garden bridge at the venue. I’ve been digging holes, measuring distances, carrying slabs, mixing concrete, partaking in builders blend quick-witted on-site banter, making tea.

After a month of trying my best, I’m one hundred per cent certain actual builders helping out think I’m a complete space-cadet. I have absolutely no hand-eye-coordination, common sense, handy-man nouse, grasp at reasoning out things mechanically or electrical nohow. It pains me when I get something wrong and make a fool of myself sometimes. But I get it, I get that we all have our strengths and weaknesses. I’m hopeless at heavy construction or anything that involves spacial awareness. Lucky that when work is all complete I can move on and focus on the things that I’m good at – like eating a copious amounts of chocolate digestives in one sitting and telling shite jokes.

Shafkkat & ROJAZ / Her

Two muso’s based in London who have a strong connection to The Sound Sniffer. Shafkkat is the production moniker of Taz Hussain (fka Maxi Millian) and London-based Spanish singer/producer ROJAZ. Both have been early contributors to Community Sessions and are all-around good people. Last Friday their collaborative single Her appeared in the world and I just had to write about it!

This track displays Shafkkat‘s ability to craft intricate and high tariff beats whilst always remaining conscious to leave enough space for ROJAZ’s vocals to purr. Hoping to hear more stuff from these two. Stylish lounge music.

Shellter / Wissant

It’s been a long old time since I’ve gone through the submissions inbox. This was once a space I revelled in, delved into when feeling energetic or when I needed a good new song to escape into. At the minute I’m far removed from the submissions side of life but have stumbled upon this gem. It comes from Belgian artist Shellter (yes, a double L – it’s not just Sunday tiredness creeping in). Wissant, ripped from her debut EP ‘The Sun’s Already Low’ is just what the doctor ordered to slow me down this evening.

I boiled the kettle, put on this simple and pure track and enjoyed an incredibly sedate cup of brew just there a minute ago. Melancholic.

Kamera / On Borrowed Time

When this song came on in the background, I thought I was re-living some early Moloko. It’s not. It’s actually some new electronic music being concocted in North London as we speak. Kamera are a duo focused on emerging into the electronic club/live scene this year and this early single is a clean cut. Over the years I’ve discovered lots of artists emerging and can safely say that I’ve a decent enough idea if a project will last or not. Based on the early murmurings projecting out of these two lads, I’m confident their music stands a solid chance should everything go swimmingly.

Nice touch on the retro visual footage vibe.

George David / 430-74

There are a few gigs in the book organised by The Sound Sniffer that have me all excited. The one that has me most intrigued is George David‘s debut EP launch at The Finsbury on Sunday 20th February. Intrigued is the correct word as George David is quite an unknown entity and still I’m not one-hundred per cent sure what to expect on the night. Some of his demo’s are Universal Studios quality and others dabbling in the more casual. I feel his true potential hasn’t been utilised and fine-tuned yet, and that’s fine. Although he hasn’t got any official music released under his own name (debut EP ‘Three Months‘ surfacing on Feb 23rd) there are a few spine-tingling demos to be found on his Soundcloud profile. His songwriting ability cannot be questioned.

Intrigued, I’m very intrigued, mega intrigued. Some of his demo releases have been a touch wide of the mark, others are spot on and some infectious to the core. Watching his output is an example of what Soundcloud is useful for in 2022 and a prime example of why it’s so important not to keep your art to yourself. Test the water, explore your sound, be brave. George David isn’t afraid of trialling different styles and genres (he has released some lo-fi stuff under the name of ‘monmoi‘ too). Enjoy a song called 430/74 below.

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