Jennifer Burke’s Ode to Spring | EP.1

‘Beware the Ides of March!’ A Shakespearean Caesar was warned, but I feel the opposite. I welcome Spring with arms outstretched and the enrapture of a child on Christmas Eve. Spring brings with it a natural feeling of rejuvenation, hope and optimism that is as apparent as the new flowers that bloom. The sun that we have missed in the gloomy, winter months now lauds over us, proud in the sky releasing all that wonderful vitamin D to nourish our bodies and souls. Wooley hats and scarfs are being traded in for sunglasses. Tables outside restaurants are becoming hotly attractive. Brighter, longer days grace us! Spring is that special season of change where everything softens and promise is abundant. 

Here are some dreamy, ambient songs that exude all the good spring feelings:

Carly Pearl – Day Dream.

The multi-faceted, New York based artist Carly Pearl brought me great joy with her track ‘Day Dream’. Her velvety vocals combined with a soulful rhythm are transporting. I feel like I became lost in the track and thought it’s a beautiful, spring-time, walking song.

Nari – 7UP.

This track wildly emits optimism and a sense of hopeful innocence. Nari is the work of Bay Area born, Narisa Khamvanthong who now lives in Lexington. I found this song impossible not to move to and particularly enjoyed the immediate start that thrust me into a bubbly, finger-snapping beat.

Egopusher – Patrol Network.

From Zurich, Switzerland comes the Egopusher, a band of two, who both express prowess in varying musical forms. This track, in particular, felt to me like the defrosting of the world as spring emerges; the loosening of wintery shackles. The slow build of the song feels like a movement in itself which leads into an ethereal crescendo at 01:14. The song to me speaks of re-awakening and promise. It takes you on a journey and ends with a wonderful sense of calm.

Catch 92 – Wander.

I personally love instrumentals because of how transcendent they can be. The omission of lyrics means the beat permeates the song and you become ensnared by charming melodies and sounds beyond the confides of lyricism. Hailing from Manchester, Catch 92 captivated me with this track that is a joyous fusion of jazz and hip-hop beats. I found this song enriched my soul with its varying intensities and definitely felt a J-Dilla presence within the track. 

The Auxiliary – Overture.

American singer-song writer Russell Howard has bestowed upon this wonderful, ambient track. There is an almost eerie sense about the piece, that is welcome. It has that feeling of transporting you beyond consciousness, to a dreamy realm. This feeling is amplified by the haunting vocals and the down tempo beat. The video too displays an interesting journey through life and loss. It reminded me of a dwindling, spring sunset and the peace that it brings. 

-About The Author-

Jennifer Burke is a London based script writer who creates satirical and real life dramas perfectly suited for television and the stage. She has honed her writing over the years forging features for Whytt Magazine and concentrating on her own written projects. Jennifer and Kevin met at a writing workshop spearheaded by poet Nathaniel Joseph Mcauley at The Irish Cultural Centre in Hammersmith in February 2022. Jennifer is now in charge of The Sound Sniffer’s submissions inbox and creates a weekly round-up of her favourite finds.

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