In Conversation With: Noé Solange

Noé Solange is one of London's rising electronica artists. On November 20 this year, she released her debut EP titled Bound - a collection of melancholic, emotive and woozy downtempo tracks that are a perfect accompaniment for those deep reflective moments. Noé was due to perform at our showcase gig at The Finsbury last May,... Continue Reading →

The Sound Sniffer’s Lockdown Mixtape | #010

Hope you are all having a pleasant Sunday wherever you may be in the world. I've had a very relaxing weekend, after taking yesterday off completely, the Lockdown Mixtape picks up where we left off. Here are another five tracks that stood out in the sea of submissions. Welcome to episode ten. Ishi Vu /... Continue Reading →

The Sound Sniffer’s Lockdown Mixtape | #008

I was a bit late drafting up today's mixtape - a mixture of excercise and cooking has pushed me off schedule today. A couple of nights ago, I enlisted the help of a couple of facebook music groups, asking them for submissions - I received over six hundred responses. Hopefully I'll be able to unearth... Continue Reading →

In Conversation With: Felix Dreiser

Felix Dreiser is a music producer based in Cologne, Germany. Early releases suggest he has a bright future ahead of him, none more so than his most recent track ‘Retrograde’. Dreiser’s sound is carefully sculpted and arranged, every note inserted with the greatest duty of care. Soft, ambient textures weave in and out which give... Continue Reading →

The Outlaw Ocean Music Project | Interview with : FOUK

Fouk opened their collaborative EP with the highly engaging and energetic, The Chase. It immediately stood-out as one of the most accomplished composed for The Outlaw Ocean Music Project. Since, it has gone on to become one of my favourite electronic songs of 2020 too. Their EP, Below Fifty Degrees South, was released in June... Continue Reading →

The Outlaw Ocean Music Project | Interview with : JUST BIG HILLS

The Outlaw Ocean Music Project | An Interview with David Berman (Just Big Hills) In line with my coverage of The Outlaw Ocean Music Project - I caught up with Dutch producer Just Big Hills for a quick chat. His wonderful piece, The Skirmish, was featured in my top twenty picks from the project overall.... Continue Reading →

The Outlaw Ocean Music Project | Interview with: FISH GO DEEP

Fish Go Deep are stalwarts on the electronic scene over in Ireland. The duo (Shane Johnson and Greg Dowling) sprung to prominence in the mid noughties with plenty of infectious releases. Their 2006 single, 'The Cure & The Cause', which was released via Defected, received widespread popularity. It became a cult classic and even had... Continue Reading →

The Outlaw Ocean Music Project | Top Tracks Overall – Part One (#20-11)

A couple of weeks ago, I was approached by Ian Urbina, a New York Times journalist with an ambitious plan. He asked me to provide press coverage for his global initiative, 'The Outlaw Ocean Music Project'. I was delighted to receive the offer and immediately immersed myself in the vast library of musical compositions that... Continue Reading →

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