The Sound Sniffer’s ‘Post’ Lockdown Mixtape #41

I’ve had a week of socialising this week – out for dinner, went to gigs, spoke to friends. It was basically a holiday week without boarding a plane, packing a bag or actually going anywhere. I think people forget to go on holidays where they live. We all associate holidays with travel but this week just gone I treated as my 2021 holiday. I saw parts of London I’ve never seen before, I ate out each day and had some lovely sleep ins too.

I find it hard to switch off sometimes and usually tend to fill my time with copious amounts of activities – this week was different – I shut off and took it light on the work. It felt strange, to the point where I felt a little lost, but it was necessary in the grand scheme of things. We are all busy – some busy doing nothing – other’s generally and genuinely busy. It’s important to switch off…. but not too much and for too long.

Welcome to episode #41 of the feature. We’ll make this an electronic episode seen as plenty of fiery tracks have come through the submissions of late.

George FitzGerald / Ultraviolet

I saw George blast out a set at Eurosonic a few years back – it was in that mad busy cafe just off the secondary square in the centre of the city. It’s a great festival, one I attend every year, but sometimes there are queues to get into certain gigs. FitzGerald’s appearance was coveted and we had to stand in the rain outside the doors for three quarters of an hour before we squeezed our way in. It was bloody worth the wait and we even got to see him overcome some outlandish technical errors with the equipment. He was so professional when the sound went askew, the guy oozes class. This new single represents a slight change of direction but like anything George Fitz touches, it emits top shelf appeal.

Transient Lines & No:No / Winter Sun

Once again Radicalis are behind this one. That label are only working with the best it seems and here is another superb label release from them. Austrian duo Transient Lines and No:No combine on this whimsical yet intensive track which comes across both moody and broody. Atmospheric vocals meet marauding electronica. This is a tune for looking out the train window, earphones in, digesting the passing urban terrain as it whistles by at speed. I don’t know what I’m writing on this blog anymore but there you have it – hope you enjoy the listen as much as I have.

Hessian / Awash

Bristol based producer Hessian has been featured on this website a few times before. He is a consistent creator and in my view, one of the UK’s finest who boarders on downtempo house stuff. Awash, his new release, has been on constant shuffle ever since it found its way into the inbox a lil while back. There are so many beautiful parts to this one, the keys, vocal snippets, bass-line, percussion choice and background sound effects. It’s a joy and it takes me to my happy, chilled headspace.

Wigzen / Dancing Karas

Oh yes, this is like a Session Victim and Yescene hybrid. It’s got a heavy beat backbone but intricate fluttering melodies floating around on the top end. I love this track from US based producer Wigzen – lots going on in the production but together, it all just works in a seamless way. All over this one – won’t write too much more to dilute it’s danceable effect.

Warner Case / Feel it Yah

A weirdly hypnotic and bordering on the erotic tune here from Warner Case that has been doing the rounds within the blogosphere this week. It’s been shared by plenty of fellow outlets, namely, Luke at Futuremag who did a typically bouncy instagram live reaction to the track (which never fail to make me smile). But yeah, Feel it Yah is a lively one that just catches you and brings you along with it. Totally astute from Warner Case – a smart operator.

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