Welcome to our Music Interviews section. The Sound Sniffer is a new online music publication based in London, founded by Kevin Coakley in 2019.

You will see interviews below with Billy Nomates, Finnegan Tui, Griffith James, Max Barth (M. Byrd), Jackson Mathod, NPR Tiny Desk Contest 2019 Winner Quinn Christopherson, Australian Indie/Pop Experimental artist LANKS, Newcastle’s’ Callum Pitt and much more.

Through conducting in-depth interviews with musicians since early 2020, Kevin has been able to jump right into the music scene and give the reader an insight into what it’s like for a newcomer starting their careers in 2021. It’s a tough industry to crack and these conversations delve into the world of the world’s most promising emerging talents. As it stands the interviews are published in written form but this will be changing in October 2021.

In Conversation With : Floyd Lavine

In Conversation With : Mo Kle

In Conversation With: lavender

In Conversation With: Finnegan Tui

In Conversation With: Mickey Newball

In Conversation With: Griffith James

In Conversation With: M. Byrd

In Conversation With: Noé Solange

In Conversation With: Felix Dreiser

In Conversation With: Wassailer

Wassailer Interview

In Conversation With: Jackson Mathod

In Conversation With: LANKS

In Conversation With: Quinn Christopherson

In Conversation With: Billy Nomates


In Conversation With: Callum Pitt

In Conversation With: Ollie Chanin


In Conversation With: SOTO


In Conversation With: Alex Hudson (No Alexander)

Alex Hudson

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The Sound Sniffer is a one-man music blog which is still only a baby – Founded and run by Kevin Coakley in early 2019. He is a music writer and ghostwriter. ‘The Sound Sniffer’ also runs gigs and showcases in London since Oct 2019. The showcases are picked from artists found in the blog’s submission inbox.

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