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How’s things? I’m back again with The Sound Sniffer’s top electronic tunes sourced and collected this week. I have been working like a mad man of late writing a book documenting the life of a Rock and Roll legend down here in London. I’ll admit, Sniffing has been totally on the back burner in recent times. After Christmas I found it quite tricky to bite my teeth into new music again after taking a couple of weeks vacation. I had to start back at some point – this kind of work never sleeps.

These tracks have all impacted me greatly over the last wee while. You might love them or they might not just tickle your fancy – all I can do is put them in front of you! Listen away below – there is some shiny shiny gold in here today!

Bad Tuner // Adelaide’s Voyage

Jozef Sergei Dimitrov AKA Bad Tuner is an interesting producer with an even more engaging back story. He was born in Yugoslavia in the early 90’s – he was actually born an Orphan amidst a very difficult era in the conflict ravaged state. At the age of twelve he was adopted by a young Russian couple who raised him on the outskirts of Moscow. He became a clerk in a local radio shop and grew a close attachment to radio frequencies and formats. It was then he started dappling in his own music compositions.

He was under investigation by Russian detectives a couple of years later for using confidential radio communications in his popular DJ sets in the city. He is certainly a man of mystery with a fabulous ear for sound. He has just moved to Brooklyn, New York to study acoustic theory and time harmonic equations – his mentor at the minute is the famed audio scientist Agathe Alt.

A man with a plan. Bad Tuner is his name – but he is certainly apt at turning over a good tune. Have a listen to Adelaide’s Voyage below.

Murge // Can’t Hurt Me Now

Yet another superb product coming out of the music stable of Loci Records – founded by Emancipator. I just fell into this track instantly from Canadian producer DJ Murge (or Murge) and got caught up in it’s wavy, endearing charm. I featured another Loci musician a couple of months ago when I shared a super single from Thoma. Their single Union made me aware of the label and I’ve been keeping an eye on their release sheet since. That Emancipator chappie has one hell of an ear.

Can’t Hurt Me Now is a supreme single from Murge featuring lush vocals from Sierra Lundy. The subtle chords remind me of early Rico Puestel mixed with a smidgen of Joris Delacroix. This is a type of tune I would have happily ingested a couple of years ago. It turns out the hunger for such a track is still within. A thoroughly enjoyable song this which is taken from Murge’s upcoming LP titled ‘Here We All Are’ ; released March 27.

Audio Dope // Absence of Gravity

Firstly, I will have to apologize to the Radicalis Record Label before I start for the ridiculous delay in posting up this pure peach of a tune from Audio Dope. This Swiss whizz-kid has been making the most beautifully haunting tunes over the last few years. His knack of production has seen him garner millions of streams online and become a trusted figure on the electronic scene.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that this lad is operating at the highest level there is when it comes to down tempo, progressive electronic. I featured him on Sniffer previously, it was his work with his other project Kappa Mountain that had my head turned. I stumbled upon his stuff again soon after courtesy of his label and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Absence of Gravity is so so so beautiful.

I think every single to date from this guy has been A-Grade!!!

Hessian // Let Go

I received a couple of submissions from Hessian before Let Go hit the inbox. I always really respected his skill-set but the previous tunes just never hit the button for me back then. Let Go just slithered in last week and I gave it a eagle eared spin. Boasting what sounds like Maribou State vocal samples and Kiasmos-esque piano driven beat-work, I was hooked.

This is a brooding and intelligently made deep house track that had me dancing around the place tonight. Really nice stuff from Bristol based producer Hessian

– RESPECT!!! –

Samba De La Muerte // Enough Is Enough

We stop off in France for some lighthearted synth led electronic rhythms from Samba De La Muerte. This is in fact a really energetic band that’s best served live and in a venue near you. Their edgy and energetic performances across France has seen them drift onto Giles Peterson’s radar. Peterson liked the band so much so that he invited them to play a slot at his eclectic, legendary Wordwide festival.

The band sound like a mix between the experimental twang of Mount Kimbie crossed with the raw funk vocal sound of Jungle or Parcels. They have stepped on a lovely little unique niche here with latest single Enough is Enough. A solid single.

As I mentioned before, it is their live show that makes these guys such an exciting prospect. If anyone is in and around London on April 20 – take a look into purchasing tickets for their much anticipated show at The Waiting Room. I know where I’ll be going that night anyways!!

Link for Tickets:

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