Song of the Week: Jungle – Heavy, California (Gerd Janson’s MPC Translation)


The founder of German label ‘Running Back’, one half of Tuff City Kids, and the generally Swave Gerd Janson, has hit some fairly solid gold with his rendition of Jungle’s, Heavy, California. Funky disco with a sliver of acidity, this is a genuine groover, anyone who likes to get a dance floor swinging would be well advised in having a little sneaky listen to this remix. Uplifting, non intrusive, sharp; these are the overall buzz words that describe this one. Disco house at its best, get the roller skates on.

Released on XL Records 5/2/19




Lake Turner – 1990 (Edit)


This London producer is a well connected figure in the city’s vibrant music industry. Turner has lurked around the likes of ‘Foals’ and ‘Underworld’ in the studio behind the scenes. He is now crawling out from the underworld himself and ‘1990’ is a wonderfully atmospheric snippet of his exciting upcoming works.

We found this song opening Jack Bevan’s (foals) curated spotify playlist, so its clear he will be well endorsed by his fellow professionals. ‘1990’ is some seriously nice production! Keep Tabs.

Peter & Kerry – They Know God (But I Know You)


Some mad chilling deja-vu stuff, Peter & Kerry?, where’ve they been in the five years between 2012 and ‘18? I think they are back you know, banding around some deep vibes again.

This duo (Peter Lyons & Kerry Leadham) shot to my attention just over seven years ago with their quirky acoustic version of Amerie’s (annoying) 2011 hit ‘One Thing’. Their languished, seamless and effortless, vocal style really really appealed, they were not straining to hit notes or over complicating things, pure and simple effortless harmony. It was like a blast from the past when I stumbled upon a brand new Mohogany session with these two belting out their new one ‘They Know God (But I Know You)’. Harmony central, both have angelic voices when combined, the words of this tune are more purposeful and emotive than their 2011 cover of Amerie, but their quality is that they could make a DMX tune sound beautiful if they covered it. Good to have these back on the go – I’m curious to hear more.




Christian Löffler -Like Water ( ft. Mohna)


I remember a good few years ago going to a gig in London on my own for the first time. Before I set off I was subtly apprehensive about going alone, especially after just moving to this big scary new city. The gig in question was Kiasmos in Brixton – on the night they were supported by none other than a Löffler live set. I had never heard of the German until then, but my word the music was absolutely blissful.

Since then, I have been keeping an eye on his success since and even had the privilege of seeing him again last year. His little collaborations with Mohna were lovely on his debut offering and again on his 2016 ‘Mare’ album and I’m very glad to hear his new single features her again. The two in combination work like cheese and wine, this is a great little tune to get Löffler’s year rolling.

Released 12/2/19