Gold Panda – Transactional Relationship

Ah yes! A feeling of pure joy just hit as I opened up my Spotify account this evening. A new song from Gold Panda stares at me from the Release Radar. I have been waiting patiently for new solo works since 2016 - Panda is by far my favourite electronic producer ever. His glitchy style... Continue Reading →

The Micronauts – Share (Vonda7 Edit)

French House and Techno producer Christophe Monier has been an experienced head on the electronic scene for the last twenty years. He formed the duo The Micronauts back in 1995, which then became his solo project in early 2000. A fun fact about Monier is that his debut release 'Get Funky Get Down' was remixed... Continue Reading →

Calcou – LFOst

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is an honour to introduce Bonobo's new Berlin equivalent 😉. Calcou has just surfaced this weekend to us mere mortals and his first ever full length release 'LFOst' has been put onto SoundCloud. When we heard this one on SubmitHub a couple of weeks ago we knew it was the exact... Continue Reading →

Lui Hill – I Owe You

We have had this one saved for a week or two now waiting patiently for it's official release to post this. One of the reasons I keep doing The Sound Sniffer is the joyous feeling evoked from hearing songs way before they are released. What makes it cool is that I can slip some of... Continue Reading →

Bella Paton – Early

The lucious voice of Australian Bella Paton with pop tune that is pretty much radio ready. We got our ears on Early a couple of months ago and it has been released yeaterday, finally. When I was younger, I just couldn't get enough of the music of Daughter. Her track Youth was probably my top... Continue Reading →

Caracol – Flooded Field

Some highly acclaimed music from Montreal, Canada from the utterly impressive Caracol. We are very excited by the next few tracks we have in the pipeline this weekend with Flooded Field kicking off our weekend of write-ups. This track features word from the late detroit legend Jay Dilla's brother Illa J. This is a pop... Continue Reading →

Bobby Guard – Hi-Lo

As the heatwave hits the capital here in the UK - the mood in the city is jovial with sunglasses, caps and shorts a neccesity. I find myself browsing through some submissions while sitting on a train at London Bridge looking out at the Thames, Hi-Lo comes into my headphones and I am taken aback... Continue Reading →

Doxa – Hypnagogia

Here is one for all you fans of ambient electronic. Berlin based artist Doxa is churning out some stellar mindful music. Hypnagogia is a melencholy downtempo song that reminds us of Four Tet, Kiasmos and Irishman Myronik rolled into one. The song is compiled with very unique and thought-provoking sounds rippling around in the background.... Continue Reading →

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