Electronic Friday #01| Afterpol / Lose

Spain has been hit really hard with this virus mayhem sadly - Lets forget about these terrible realities for a couple of minutes. Take a bit of time, put the headphones on and close the eyes. Afterpol has just released a really nice LoFi gem called 'Lose' that will cheer you up for a couple... Continue Reading →

Rossa Murray & The Blowin’ Winds / Melancholy

Written by Sienna Filipetto Let me set the scene for you; Sunday morning, day 5 of being housebound, sitting in the sun with a coffee, my flatmates are gardening, cooking, planning how to fill their day. I’ve been tasked with finding a new track to write about. At any other point in my life, I... Continue Reading →

Electronic Friday #5 | Kicktracks x Kehard / Truly

I think Kicktracks is my most shared artist in The Sound Sniffer history. The Russian beat-maker keeps coming out with the slickest and most chill songs every time. This time he is teamed up with Kehard again for another installment of LoFi bliss. He is a killer with a maschine and has been spreading his... Continue Reading →

Electronic Friday #4 | Soul.Peddler / D*R*E*A*M

Ah yes, this is a cracker. When I heard this for the first time, I closed my eyes and briefly pretended to be in the campsite at Life Festival in Ireland. I had a blast there back in 2015 - this song gave me the feels again. This one has a real uplifting feel about... Continue Reading →

Electronic Friday #3 | Scasca / Long Distance Call

We travel up to Russia to bring you the exciting debut single from Scasca. I'm not too sure what the name means but one thing I am certain of is the fact that this Saint-Petersburg producer is a top operator. His debut single 'Long Distance Call' has just been released today and it is pretty... Continue Reading →

Electronic Friday #2 | Sonnee / Here

Manchester based producer Sonnee comes to us today with his new dreamy single 'Here'. I have had to give my crate digging feature a miss this week due to stringent house rules on the submission site so I'm forced to write out individual reviews for each track instead. I received this one from Sonnee last... Continue Reading →

Electronic Friday #1 | SAM XVI / (All) Tied Up

SAM XVI is a UK based produced who has just announced himself properly the opening track of his latest EP which is titled 'Has The Light Gone Out For You?'. The track is called '(All) Tied Up' and it flies by with marauding intensity. The percussion is not dissimilar to the pattern used by my... Continue Reading →

Best of British Indie – Crate Digging #06

As we sit in our homes, searching for something to pass the time during this weird time for the planet - five new British Indie tunes tickle my fancy as I scoff on a healthy diet of Jaffa Cakes and Yakult. I have rounded up the very best I could for this one. Featuring music... Continue Reading →

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