We are absolutely over the moon to be able to introduce a brand new prospect we un-earthed along our journey so far - the excitement is palpable. Over the next couple of years at The Sniffer we plan to find and nurture the best talent we come across and hopefully make them a household name... Continue Reading →

Sub Sequence- Seize Release

Something very different here - a little bit of downtempo electronic never did anyone any harm. Seize Release is what we call, perfect meditation music. This one comes from German electronic sound wizard Sub Sequence. A minimal piece that is ideal to flake out to - close the eyes, follow the subtle progression and let... Continue Reading →

Safe As Houses – Lucky Lucky

One of my favourite songs at this moment in time, they even have a nice wee bit of violin thrown in for good measure. Lucky Lucky is a really top drawer track that has been on repeat here in my venue over here in London since I got it sent over by the band's representative... Continue Reading →


Something a little bit more electronic here from Norwegian trippy dream producer Marius. We are all for new things here at Sniffer and this certainly fits the bill - IDNTWNTU is a throwback to early work by Paasc├ól in the early days of SoundCloud. This cleverly made track features Eryn Martin on words. The track... Continue Reading →

Brand New: Callum Pitt – Slow my Heart Rate Down

I have been waiting patiently for a month or so now for the release of this absolutely powerful piece of music so I can show it off to yee all. This was sent to me via his label Kaleidoscope Records & I have had to sit on this post - the tune instantly compelled me.... Continue Reading →


Absolutely riveting, unique and peculiar stuff here from African rhythm artist Moken Nunga. When I was sent this track a couple of days ago I couldn't believe my ears! Moken's unmistakably out-there falsetto flutters brought me right back to the first time I heard 'Tiptoe through the Tulips' by Tiny Tim on a Bebo flashbox... Continue Reading →

Toby Johnson – Isla

Some nice oul folk just released here via Mahogany- a platform I have been following for many a year. This is Johnson's debut offering on the platform and I am certainly liking his charming vocals thus far. Isla is an uplifting little thing that made a good impression on us straight away. Johnson has already... Continue Reading →

Cal Trask – Silence is Broken

Calvin Heinrichs is a 25 year old songwriter who hails from Toronto, Canada. In 2017, he released his debut EP named Posthumous which was received well and was honest and vulnerable in it's lyricism. Trask's forthcoming debut album,'Gemini God', was mastered by none other than Mat Colton (James Blake, Coldplay & Mumford And Sons) -... Continue Reading →


Beatmaker Kicktracks has been messing around making beats on his Maschine and Roland sp404a for a few years now. Today is the release date for his newest addition to his repertoire, 'Draw My Soul' - which features silky smooth vocals from Medeia. This is a song suitable for any lounge - the husky singing of... Continue Reading →

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