Nia Wyn // Love I Can’t Ruin

Hailing from a small little town in North Wales, Nia Wyn has been chilling out right on the cusp of stardom over the last few years. She was tipped as one of BBC’s ‘Ones To Watch’ last year and has been causing quite the stir among music writers lately.

She may be an from a rural village & calm pastures, yet, her voice has the power to take over a whole inner-city music room. I have rarely come across an act that has that coveted sprinkle of stardust required on my first listen. I was sent her new single, Love I Can’t Ruin by PR company Meet My Friend and had to double take and rewind it straight away… all the time thinking, ‘How can this Nia girl have such a commanding and powerful voice??’ It caught me by surprise.

Her style of vocal performance gives me chills and reminds me somehow of the time I stumbled upon Nneka performing ‘Africans‘ for the first time, years ago. It’s that husk that grips me, it’s that rusty and raw vocal that makes Nia Wyn stand out over the rest.

Top Stuff.

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