Hotel Eden // Echoes

Florida based singer/songwriter Kelly Warner has just released his new thought provoking new single Echoes this week. He drifts under the alias of Hotel Eden. His album ‘Rewind’ received plenty of coverage throughout the US upon it’s release. His latest offering came to my attention earlier this week and I was drawn to it’s emotive tone. This one is a really pleasant listen.

The song begins with the slow, timid knocking percussion, coupled with soft piano melodies. The mood is relaxed and subtle. Warner’s vocals come in add some more melancholic value as the song progresses into some eerie strings and distorted vocal harmonies. The overall feel of this song is captured well through the instrumentation.

All in all, this is worth a listen I hope you like it! Nice stuff from Hotel Eden.

Words from Kevin!

I’ve just realized that I have been doing The Sound Sniffer for a whole year now. What a lovely year it’s been – I always grew up listening to, reading and obsessing over music blogs and never thought I would actually get to be on the other side of one ever. When I was a pup I listened to BIRP FM religiously and take great pride in standing alongside Josh Bialock now as a member of the SubmitHub community. Over the last couple of years, I managed to wrangle together a lifestyle that gave me enough time to commit to this project. Blogging consumes you if you don’t work smart!

Doing this kind of thing is often pretty frustrating and often under appreciated – Long hours of listening and curating go into each little blurb. Every song I’ve written about on the site thus far have been picked up by me from a sea of submissions. These are not random songs – shared at random. These are my genuine favourites and I actually get really excited to put them up here. Whether two or two hundred people read my little posts, I’m happy.

I think E-Mailing should be banned as a thing! The music industry is full of soulless mail. Come and meet me for a chat instead! That turned out quite rant-y. The Sound Sniffer is here to stay though!

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