Phil Simmonds // Cold Sweats

Oh my word.

This is ridiculous, I’m currently lying on a bed I’ve never laid on before, listening to Phil Simmonds’ new single.

I think my music searching skills have been quite accurate and consistent of late. I lay here tonight as a twenty six year old creature, still getting dead excited about new music, with a grin across my face

Phil Simmonds is an act I’ve followed closely since ‘Homesick’ – he returns to my headphones tonight with this absolute cracker of a tune!

I don’t give two shits if you don’t take the time to enjoy Phil’s latest single. This is something artistic and pure – the man has style and his music is so beautifully unique. Take this one in and just simply enjoy the piano flurry in the middle. What a man.

The level Phil gets to is just incredible. Take a strong gasp of air and ingest this.

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