Jack Garratt // Return Them To The One

One of my favourite Breakthrough artists of the the last decade makes a welcome return this week. I lost my absolute shit when Jai Paul released a new single late last year after half a decade of obscurity. A similar depiction of shit losing is relevant here for the return of Jack Garrett after five years MIA (Missing In Action).

Jack Garratt was one of them musicians that I adored when I first moved to England in 2015. I knew of his high-class skill-set twelve months before my big move and had Remnants on repeat like a lunatic. My love for Garratt’s style was apparent and I vividly remember introducing my good friend Shane to his musings whilst back in Dublin.

Shane lost his shit and even covered Worry on his personal Soundcloud account. His stock was growing rapidly – no one was making tunes like Jack.

At the time of moving to the UK I didn’t realise that I’d be living in the same region of Garratt himself. He is a resident of Little Chalfont, I moved to Rickmansworth. I became close to school friends of Jack and realised just how close I was to this mercurial talent.

I havn’t had the privilege of meeting Jack Garratt yet but owe him a lot. His music helped me through hard hard times. People don’t believe me when I explain how strong an influence music has on my life. Garratt was one of them special talents that I became obsessed with completely. His exile from making tunes was noticed, but not judged. Songs as pure as ‘Worry‘ and ‘The Love You’re Given‘ take years to write and perfect….. He perfected them.

He is back. He is feckin back. Enjoy

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