Brother Jonathan – Hurting

Brother Jonathan is a singer/songwriter from the South East of the UK that we have been tracking for a while. He has just released his debut single 'Hurting' and it is a grizzly and emotive folk offering. He is definitely one to watch on the scene in the coming months. His ability to write pure... Continue Reading →

Neev – Burning To Dust

A voice of pure gold here from Scottish-born singer/songwriter Neev. Her debut single Burning To Dust is full of quite lovely husk and charm. This 23 year old has one of those enchantingly nice vocals, nothing stretched or forced, just a purely natural tone that hits the ear nicely. She has been living in London... Continue Reading →

Moncrieff – Ghost

London based Irishman Moncrieff has just released his first single in over a year. Ghost is the first instalment from his upcoming EP The Only Hurts. This fella is one of those mecurial talents that can hold a room with the power of his vocals alone. I started seeing his name in and around posters... Continue Reading →

Kate Yeager – Impulse

Brooklyn's hidden gem Kate Yeager has been making music for a few years now with a big gap between her 2016 single 'Your Girlfriend' and her latest little collection of singles released in 2019. This year sees her return to songwriting as graces us with 'Impulse', 'Keep My Distance' and 'Kiss Me Like You Mean... Continue Reading →

Chernobyl Sunshine Club – Birthdayland

Alt Folk London based outfit Chernobyl Sunshine Club have been on the go since late 2016, They have just released a track that I have been listening to religiously since catching wind of it about a month ago. Birthdayland is something a little bit different. The song is quite dark in it's tone and the... Continue Reading →

Belaver – Doer

Experimental folk here from American artist Belaver , the solo alias of singer B.E Godfrey. Here, we hone in on the third track from his latest album ‘True Love of Crime’ - the track in question is Doer and we are listening intently. There is something very unique at play here from this fella, who... Continue Reading →

Grey McMurray – Wanting Ways

NYC is the next stop and we meet the respected singer, guitarist and producer Grey Mcmurray. This is a man who has worked as an accomplished sideman to some of the best in the business throughout his shimmering career to date - three artists I adore included in the illustrious list, Gil-Scott Heron and The... Continue Reading →

Alexander Luck – So Far

London based New Zealand born producer, songwriter and musician Alexander Luck has just released his debut EP 'So Far' and we are enjoying the title track these days in Sniffer HQ. This is the first project under his Luck stagename, he has previously been involved in two EPs and a full length album under the... Continue Reading →

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