DG Solaris / Brother I’ll Ask Her

Danny Green is the lead vocalist in London based cult indie band Laish. The Yorkshire-man has been honing his skills around the city since 2008 and is now joined by his wife L.G to form the alias DG Solaris. The pair wrote the matierial that became their debut album 'Spirit Glow' on their honeymoon in... Continue Reading →

Neev // Tunnel Vision

A good mate of mine, Niamh Downes (Neev), has just released her latest single titled 'Tunnel Vision'. If you have been following this blog over the last little while you will see a couple of articles associated with this talented, hard-working Scottish songwriter. I had the privilege of hosting her and her singing partner Frankie... Continue Reading →

Hotel Eden // Echoes

Florida based singer/songwriter Kelly Warner has just released his new thought provoking new single Echoes this week. He drifts under the alias of Hotel Eden. His album 'Rewind' received plenty of coverage throughout the US upon it's release. His latest offering came to my attention earlier this week and I was drawn to it's emotive... Continue Reading →

Genevieve Stokes / Portland Nights

Genevieve Stokes is a mega talented 18 year old songstress from Portland, Maine who has just released her third ever single this week and it is enchanting to say the least. Portland Nights is a quick and swift track that showcases Stokes's fine vocal ability perfectly. This is a voice you will want to hear... Continue Reading →

Best New British Music This Week // Five of the Best

Turn off the radio and tune in to our Top underground UK based tunes of the week. This week we are showcasing five of the stand-out British artists we have discovered this week. There is a huge dearth of talent floating about in the UK at the moment and we have decided to group them... Continue Reading →

Qwiet Type // Chains

Solo artist and producer Matt Powell AKA Qwiet Type has just released his most impressive single to date with Chains. We received this tune a few months ago and have been waiting patiently until it's release to share it around. This one is as catchy as it gets. Brass central. Chains is a pop number... Continue Reading →

Might Be Crimson // Wavering

Swedish duo Might Be Crimson became a thing this year and their mellow folk-y style has evoked a feeling of content happiness. Their style reminds me a lot of fellow Swede The Tallest Man On Earth and that is definitely a good thing. Wavering is a sweet little number. This song fell on our lap... Continue Reading →

Flood For The Famine // Waiting To Happen

Alex Lindner has put loads of effort into this latest release under the musical alias of Flood For The Famine. This talented Londoner has struck a chord in me with his latest single Waiting To Happen. His songwriting ability is right up there and the pensive tone here is chilling. There is so much emotion... Continue Reading →

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