Orly Raquel Tackles Ideas of Love and Pain in New Single ‘Chaos and Bones’

Sienna again! And this week I’ve got a banging Australian artist to recommend to all you lovely people. I miss a lot about home but one of the things that tops the list is the Aussie music scene, and specifically its focus on finding and unearthing new artists; all with brand new sounds and so much to give. It has created this incredibly dense range of sound coming out of the country, and is something I’m personally very passionate about. So let me introduce Orly Raquel and her latest single Chaos and Bones. Raquel creates slow, moving tunes that feel incredibly dreamlike, coupled with her gorgeous, haunting falsetto, listening to her music is truly an out-of-this-world experience. 

Regarding her latest single, Chaos and Bones is an incredibly put together track that weaves a story of a wild woman, and fabricates this feeling of being out of place in this world, but at home with the earth. It tackles ideas of love and pain, the feminine divinity and all the while distracts you with the brilliant voice of Raquel. I had to listen a few times before I understood the simplicity of the instrumental underneath it all, and the focus on the female voice (in a literal and metaphorical sense) – it is really one of those songs that just transports you.

So, if you’ve liked my recommendations in the past but are pining for something a bit more chill, a bit more rainy day if you will, go on ahead and check out Orly Raquel, and get excited for all that she has coming our way. 

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