Loyle Carner – Loose Ends


Benjamin Coyle-Larner, a modest twenty four year old from Lambeth is just in a chilled out league of his own these days. One of the slickest spoken word artists in the UK is back again with more consistently listenable Hip Hop. Ever since hearing ‘Ain’t Nothing Changed’, Loyle Carner has been on our radar. His 2017 debut album ‘Yesterdays Gone’ was quite rightly nominated for the Mercury Prize,and he keeps going from strength to strength somehow. Of course, being the best at what he does at the minute, people have been mimicking his laidback vocal and production style. Artist’s like ‘Kojaque’ and more recently ‘Caleb & Walshy’ have clearly drawn strong strong influence in their vocal arrangements from Carner, there is nothing wrong with that, if anything it comes with the territory of being the jewel of a genre.

Following on from the quite stunning ‘Ottolenghi’, ‘Loose Ends’ is Carner’s new one and features vocals from Jorja Smith- who recently won a BRIT Award. This track is another well written, exquisite, tune which never breaks into needless cresendo. Catch him on tour in April and May across the UK & Ireland.


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