Alela Diane -The Pirate’s gospel


Nevada City, California is the origin of this wonderful singer-songwriter. She bears a stark resemblance to Lisa Hannigan in terms of her looks and sings like a god too. ‘The Pirate’s Gospel’ is a really catchy little jingle, the harmonies remind me of Irish band ‘Ham Sandwich’, with the male bass vocal complimenting her voice perfectly. This is the perfect uplifting folk song to listen to in the morning to perk you up for a days slog. This is the Gospel according to ‘Diane’. This slipped through the net 10 years ago. Listen.



Throwback : Arctic Monkeys – My Propeller


A little reminiscing here taken from The Arctic Monkey’s 2009 third studio album ‘Humbug’. The opening track ‘My Propeller’ is the tune in focus, and what a tune it was. After the success of their opening two albums it was difficult to see how the band could keep the Sound fresh. ‘My propeller’ opened Humbug and blew me away at the time. Such a mellow, chilled and calculated song, no big crescendos or complications, just a stellar track. Heard it recently and just figured I’d shtick it up here, since they have a new album about.


Cosmo Sheldrake & JD Eidse – I threw a rock into the sea


Sheldrake & Eidse bring us back in time to when life was a lot simpler and innocent with this gorgeous piece of musical treasure. A bumbling mellowness throughout, with subtle harmonies and an experimental natural flow, this tune will set your mind at ease after a long and treacherous day. Cheers Cosmo and J.D.

Sheldrake is a fine fine musician.


LANKS -Stronger Than


This man is my favorite pop style artist for the last few years. I generally get excited when I see a new LANKS release posted, the lad is a maverick. ‘Stronger Than’ has his trademark purposeful piano chords coupled with his lovely vocals and I’m sold. Throw a little distortion in the mix and a harmony or two and it’s a keeper. This almost sounds like a mix on Bon Ivers new hip electronic voice and James Vincent McMorrows falsetto – ‘Stronger Than’ is a very IN sound. Check out his new EP Inoue now.

Released 01/12/2018