Jennifer Burke’s Ode To Spring | Ep #04 | New Music Showcase

I escaped the city smog last week and ran away to Cambridge. What the countryside can do for perspective is glorious and something we/I too often neglect. Here are some songs that stood out to me this week…

Pocket Sun – Never mind.

Pocket Sun, a five-piece musical UK based band impressed me with this transcendent track. Never mind is a hypnotic Indie rock song that transports you to bliss with a sensual undertone running throughout. The vocals are sublime and fit into the atmospheric nature of the song perfectly. It gives off a chilled vibe whilst being musically very impressive. The cartoonish- trippy music video works so well with the song and is hard not to be drawn to it!

Dizzy Panda – Back to Me.

Back to Me is a dark, downtempo track that gets under your skin and stays. There’s this wonderful intensity to it with a prevailing bass line that shook me to the core. The lyrics are simple yet boldly expressed with smoky, delicate vocals. The video too adds to the general mystery of the song and furthers this ominous brilliance it exudes. The gender-neutral outfit Dizzy Panda from the Netherlands are going to continue to impress for sure!

Klara Keller – Sad Thinking About You.

This song instantly just made me smile – the track follows an upbeat trial of electro beats combined with the unique vocals of Swedish artist Klara Keller. The lyrics are honest and sung with such wonderful conviction, there’s a real sense of catharsis you feel after hearing it – like she’s read your diary. She has aced the ‘sad song with a happy sound’ style massively and this is one for those little sad summer grooves we’ve all done before.

Simon Howard – Not like Superman.

The contemporary folk singer/songwriter Simon Howard has been on the rise since his single ‘No Evidence’ was featured on the BBC. His style melds American folk music with contemporary touches that leave his audience in awe of technique amid irresistible foot movements. Not Like Superman is an intense song from the onset with Simon’s haunting, reverberating voice accompanied by heavy acoustic guitar riffs and twangs of classical instruments. It is a feat of musical work and I’m excited to see what he comes up with next!

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Jennifer Burke is a London based script writer who creates satirical and real life dramas perfectly suited for television and the stage. She has honed her writing over the years forging features for Whytt Magazine and concentrating on her own written projects. Jennifer and Kevin met at a writing workshop spearheaded by poet Nathaniel Joseph Mcauley at The Irish Cultural Centre in Hammersmith in February 2022. Jennifer is now in charge of The Sound Sniffer’s submissions inbox and creates a weekly round-up of her favourite finds. 

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The Sound Sniffer is a music blog that’s still only a baby – Founded in early 2019 by Kevin Coakley, a music writer and ghostwriter. ‘The Sound Sniffer’ also runs gigs and showcases in London since Oct 2019. The showcases are picked from artists found in the blog’s submission inbox.

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