Jennifer Burke’s Ode to Spring | Ep #03 — New Music Friday

I have chosen an eclectic range of music for this week, a lil bit of pathetic fallacy to match the dubious weather and general feeling – mask on or off? Jumper or shorts? It’s not hard to see the confliction painted across faces on the Tube or in the high streets. We’ll get there, I’m sure.

Have a smashing bank holiday and here are some wonderful tracks to suit your long weekends…

Juno Roome – Just like before.

There’s nothing like a long drive in during a May bank holiday. The sun is out and nature is beginning to defrost. Juno Roome, an artist from New York captivated me with this track that I feel is the perfect road-trip song. The song itself takes you on a journey, with various changes in tempo and a feeling of fluidity between them. This, accompanied with whispery, haunting vocals elevate the song to the sublime.

Geez Louise – Old Haunts.

I love a song that is relatable and real. The lyrics are simple yet pertinent, there’s no frills to what she is saying and that’s exactly why the song speaks to me so much. The drop is spectacular and there’s a real feeling of quarter-life anxiety that is truly resonating. The Indie rock band from Nashville, Tennessee has a bright future ahead of them!

Emily Silver – Left Here with Nothing.

A beautifully melancholic one here from London born singer-songwriter Emily Silver. From the onset of the song, I couldn’t help but get goosebumps from her incredible voice. The track has all the soul of 90s RnB, combined with incredibly relatable lyrics from anyone that has experienced heart break. She’s truly a wonderful talent and one to look out for. 

Coyle Girelli – Do you Wanna Dance?

From his latest album FUNLAND, ‘Do you Wanna Dance?’ does exactly what it says on the tin. Inspired by bands like New Order, Coyle a British multi-instrumentalist and song writer, pricked my ears with this indie-pop track. His rustic vocals blended with the upbeat tempo of the track gives it this blissful sadness that is iconic within his genre. 

Cypher Sanctuary – Dodge Roll

Moving into yet another theme is Moscow-based label owner, producer and singer Vitalily Bogachev. This dance/electronic track, I found irresistible not to move to. It just brought me so much joy and reminded me of wandering around festivals in the sun.

Lostboy – Weight

Hailing from Sheffield, ‘lostboy’ are an up-and-coming band, with critical acclaim from the likes of BBC Radio 6. This song really spoke to me as it felt like the kind of indie-pop that you would want to belt out in the shower. The lyrics are really honest, with energic vocals and gut-wrenching riffs– I dare you to say the chorus won’t be stuck in your head because it’s imprinted within mine!

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