Moon Kissed – Run Away

NYC plays host to all sorts of musical styles and types – on this occasion we meet the chirpy alt rock trio of Moon Kissed. These girls are ridiculously talented and making some infectious uplifting pop rock type stuff. I’m not one to listen to this style usually to be perfectly honest – however the craftsmanship of these mecurial friends is hard to bypass without admiring.

Run Away is a number with a catchy pop chorus but it is the brilliant verses that really elevate this one – with some sneaky horns thrown in. People would dance to this track you know – it’s energy central – I’d dance to this I’m fairly certain. I like to think my ear finds some good stuff, I don’t think I’m wrong here, these girls are very good. They just need their breakthrough. Judging by their social page, they are performing regular on the New York circuit. It won’t be long before they get poached.

Check out the completely under the radar track Run Away here. These folk are releasing an album on the 13th of September, so be sure to mark the date in your calendar if you are into this.

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