The John Johns – Outlaw

High octane, fast paced, rock and roll from Swedish duo, The John Johns. Outlaw is a groove that could easily fit into the Django Unchained movie soundtrack. These boys are releasing their stuff completely independently since 2018 - they get our seal of approval straight away. The duo take their influence from music from the... Continue Reading →

Kira Metcalf – Lily

New York is our next stop for a really pleasant single from singer/songwriter Kira Metcalf. Lily is soft, sweet and delicate - this is a perfect accompaniment for a summer BBQ in the sun. It seems this song is more refined than her other releases on her 2018 album Indelicate. Lily is an accoustic offering... Continue Reading →

Strange Frequency – The Sun

Spain is where we find our next instalment of uplifting, chirpy and vibrant music. This impressive trio of musicians are making slick sounds fit for the beach. The Sun is one hell of a catchy little number. The trio consists of Renzo Giavarini (Drums, Vocals), Xavier Garcia (Bass, Vocals) and Sergi Marrone (Guitar, Vocals). Taking... Continue Reading →

Kate Yeager – Impulse

Brooklyn's hidden gem Kate Yeager has been making music for a few years now with a big gap between her 2016 single 'Your Girlfriend' and her latest little collection of singles released in 2019. This year sees her return to songwriting as graces us with 'Impulse', 'Keep My Distance' and 'Kiss Me Like You Mean... Continue Reading →

Oux – I Sleep Skeptical

Chicago/LA are our next stops for some pretty fly noise from eclectic duo Oux. This talented double act have only two tracks floating around the net as I write this little piece, I Sleep Skeptical and Mosquito Bites. Their short supply of tunes didn't impact the poignancy of what they are all about - sometimes... Continue Reading →

Vilde – Mind The Puddles

Stockholm based Thomas Vilde has just sent a pretty class little piece our way today. Mind The Puddles is a chirpy number packed with a quivering vocal, a melancholy guitar jingle and a devilishly slick vibe. Instantly, we were absorbed by the artistry on show here. This is like uplifting grunge indie really and I... Continue Reading →

LP – Shaken

Laura Pergolizzi AKA LP has just released a tasty new single called Shaken via Warner Bros. I'm sure a lot of you have seen her perform before over the years as she is kind of a big deal. I definitely don't need to rave on and on introducing her. I tend to steer clear of... Continue Reading →

Lola Marsh – Echoes

Israel is our next stop for much respected Tel Aviv based alternative pop folk outfit Lola Marsh. The team are formed of the impressively silky lead vocalist Gil Landau and multi-intrumentalist Yael Shoshana Cohen. They gained their first piece of real traction back in 2014 when they played Primavera Sound as a five piece band.... Continue Reading →

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