Tuesday Musings | With Magnolian

What day is it? Oh yeah, Tuesday! I'm Losing track completely here. Today see's the return of some really nice sunshine down South. I have been sitting in the garden for the majority of the afternoon, I probably should have been working. Not to worry, it's important to enjoy a bit of sunshine every so... Continue Reading →

Friday’s Inside Scoop | The Sound Sniffer’s Picks

Friday is the day the we all wait patiently for to get our share of new music - I took a few days off running the site this week but I'm happy to return with a lovely list of tunes that have tickled my fancy today! Here is my inside scoop of tasty tunes. We... Continue Reading →

Our Fathers Continue to Shine With ‘Boy I Was Wrong’

The music of 'Our Fathers' is one of my proudest discoveries from the first year of running 'The Sound Sniffer'. At that time, I had no real way of finding truly fresh tunes and was actually writing reviews based of Spotify curated playlists and my own Release Radar. Platforms like Spotify and Amazon are predominantly... Continue Reading →

North London Trio ‘DAY’ Release their Debut Single.

DAY are a new outfit formed in 2019 by Alex Barty-King. They have just released their debut single 'Mama' - it is top notch. A good song usually catches some sort of a hold on me after 20/25 seconds. I am a fiend for all things quirky and unique, this one fit the bill. After... Continue Reading →

Conrad Deadly / Sally Lives in my Girls Yard

My second Margate, Kent based review of the year comes from the quirky Conrad Deadly. Conrad follows Fat White Family's, Dan Lyons, onto the site representing the small scenic seaside town. This is Deadly's debut single titled 'Sally Lives in my Girls Yard' and it ripples away nicely in a rugged and catchy manner. The... Continue Reading →

Ruby Hive / You Mix

Written By Kell Hallman At the moment, it’s all too easy to look at the music industry and feel downbeat. It’s a tough time for artists, musicians, and fans alike with our livelihoods and passions on lockdown. Ruby Hive’s debut single ‘You Mix’ is an infectious grin in the face of this gloom.  Released in... Continue Reading →

In Conversation: Billy Nomates Interview

Having just released her debut single 'No' a couple of weeks ago - Billy Nomates has already made a big impression on me. Recently, I decided to check out the little nature trail behind my house for the first time in five years living here. It turns out, I like walking around staring at birds... Continue Reading →

Harrison Kipner / My Style

Ah yes. I have had a really interesting, yet productive week. I painted a fence black, finished ghost-writing an autobiography and botched an interview transcription by accident in the middle of it all - really clumsy. It's understandable that I took a little break today from all this typing and activity. My playlist shuffled through... Continue Reading →

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