Goodnight Goodbye / All For It

Joe and Sam Woollard are two brothers who have teamed up and begun writing decent music together. The two British lads who make up the moniker Goodnight Goodbye, have released their debut single All For It recently. From this evidence it's hard not to see them both making a real go of this. This single... Continue Reading →

Matt Ryder // Breakdown

This is quite exciting, Birmingham's Matt Ryder is making seasoned sounds up there in Brum. His sound is as polished as it gets, experienced musicians on the scene would be proud of this track. Breakdown is the first single from his forthcoming EP that he made in his bedroom. The amazing thing is (and I... Continue Reading →

Dan Lyons // Biarritz (Ft. Clémence Quélennec)

Dan Lyons is a highly respected figure on the London music scene for the last four years or so. He is mainly known for his drumming, playing for the likes of Misty Miller (we love her) and Phobophobes. Dan has since stepped into the songwriting mode himself and formed his own self-titled band back in... Continue Reading →

Benedict // Finish The Wine

This is absolute quality from Dutch artist Benedict. Finish The Wine is a song thing of beauty. Like a mix of The National and Beirut. Out of 300 songs sent to us over the weekend this was an instant stand-out. It is just THAT good. Benedict is from Amsterdam and is making solid sounds over... Continue Reading →

Indie Picks: Sniffer’s Selections of the Week

Our Indie Picks of the Week have been squished into our compact list below. It has been a pretty good week for submissions for sure. I hope you enjoy our selections this week. Tim Baker // The Eighteenth Hole Stunning work here from Canadian singer Tim Baker. This live rendition of The Eighteenth Hole, featuring... Continue Reading →

The Swoons // Conspiracy of Silence

Today marks the release of the highly awaited new single from culturally diverse group The Swoons. Conspiracy of Silence is the third and most eagerly awaited single yet from these mega talented lads. Who are The Swoons? The Swoons are a four-piece of supreme quality that will be taking over they airwaves pretty soon! Uniquely... Continue Reading →

Callum Pitt // L.Lane

We have featured Callum Pitt on the Sniffer before, with his single 'Slow My Heart Rate Down' making a lasting impression on us. Pitt raises the tempo up a few BPM with his latest single L.Lane which has been released this afternoon. This guy is a mercurial talent and it is no wonder he is... Continue Reading →

Elisif Norrman // Women From The Baltic Sea

Stockholm is the home of the mega talented Elisif Norrman. We came across her wonderful single 'Women from the Baltic Sea' a couple of days ago here at Sniffer. It is a brilliantly comprised little tune that became an earwig instantly. Norrman's mystical vocals open it up and the rumbling intense instrumentation impress from then... Continue Reading →

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