LOWMEN announce themselves with experimental EP ‘Tourism’

I love a good underground indie find. Been having a discussion with some music kin lately about the emergence of loads of thirty somethings releasing their debut works this year. 2020 was a year where everyone’s life was turned upside down and, in turn, many a former musician has returned to making music after years of artistic silence. I’m not quite sure if LOWMEN, a brand new duo/band hailing from Wales, fit this category but judging by the crisp, experimental sound and their press picture, they are certainly appear to fit this trending thirty-something narrative. Long forgotten projects have risen to prominence this year – the unfinished and discarded have been given a facelift and modern reinforcement inserted. It’s a year of excitement in the music world.

Artists like Mickey Newball and Griffith James have emerged against all odds this year and I’m fairly sure that 2021 is the most musically rich year for new music in the history of all music (if you can dig and find the gold). I can only dig out and put forward my personal favourites and LOWMEN definitely hit something here with their debut offering. Tourism is a four song EP drenched in samples and whimsical instrumentation – background lounge bass notes and some grungy tones. It’s a new type of sound – although the standout track Monster rings out like a Cold War Kids single. Piano and vocal led, pure and punchy.

Totally on board with this one – an EP self recorded in deep rural Wales! What’s not to like?

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