lavender Orchestrating Some Sketchy Deals in New Music Video

I was thinking about lavender again last week. As I scrolled through their Spotify releases for the twentieth time this year I realised they only had eleven minutes of music released altogether so far (Peppermint, Home:so:long, Constantly, Blue) . That’s ridiculous. They’ve put me under a spell and I’m not the only one. The lads have their own sound – in 2021 – this is a rare thing. The music they make is fluid, free and slick – bubbly guitar mixed with sensual beats… and they have a new one out too. It’s titled secure – featuring the autotuned musings of EaSWay.

The hype was real when I spotted this new one on a YouTube crawl – clicking immediately to see what these two have rolled up their sleeves. I wasn’t disappointed although initially I didn’t quite know what to make of it. Autotune is one of my pet hates usually, T-Pain pained me far too much back in the day. In saying this, although secure is steeped in robotic vocals, the beatwork and the outstandingly sketchy and edgy visuals got me back on board. The vocals, on a later listen, resonated too. It’s somewhat satirical in nature lyrically and the video is one of the best I’ve seen this year.

We are treated to slick camera angles, dodgy briefcase dealings, suspicious phone calls, cctv shots, briefcase air-guitar – the whole thing fits the song perfectly. lavender are here to stay in the music world and their sound collection has risen to 15 minutes now. Can’t fault a single thing they’ve done thus far and can’t wait for an album. I’ll invest in a record player and some pressed wax especially for that one.

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