The Sound Sniffer’s ‘Post’ Lockdown Mixtape #38

I started writing poems about three weeks ago. The first came impulsively one morning and was based on some intense emotions that were bubbling inside me. It was a heart-pouring and necessary release to help me move on from that place in time. Since then, I’ve kept up the trend and have since drafted four more. Each covering a topic buried deep in my subconscious. As a kid I hated poetry and felt it was just artists jostling for the title of ‘most complex and educated’ – now, I’m starting to get it.

Using poetry as a medium and tool to release stress and observations that would normally stay within, I’ve been developing and exploring different types of poems. Sometimes letting out under the guise of a poem is the best form of self-therapy and this new obsession may well stick for good.

Musicians have been writing songs for this same reason for years – finally I get it. Back to the music we go now for episode thirty eight of the ‘Post’ Lockdown Mixtape. Welcome along.

M. Byrd / Orion

There’s only one place to start – a new release from Max Barth and his talented M. Byrd collective over in Germany. It’s EP time for Byrd finally. The debut EP ‘Orion’, has just been uploaded onto Spotify and all other stream places and it’s a fantastic indie/rock journey. Featuring strong early singles ‘Morning Sun‘ and ‘Mountain‘, the EP is padded out with two new tracks, ‘Orion‘ and ‘You Know Me Best‘. It’s a brilliant collection for those who are partial to a bit of War on Drugs or Arcade Fire. Barth and his band are going to be hovering around the top of the music scene for years to come.

If you want to read up more about this wonderful collective, check my interview with Max here.

Constant Follower / The Merry Dancers on TV

Something a little bit lovely from experimental Scottish folk band Constant Follower. Fronted by Stephan McAll, the band have just come to my attention and I’m delighted they have. The Merry Dancers on TV and the endearing music video that goes alongside it have me in a state of tranquility and zen today. Soft and pure – with harmonies to sooth on a stressful day, this is a top shelf piece of music from a top shelf band. In love with this.

Ross From Friends / The Daisy

I had a bit of a Ross From Friends homage during the week. I raised the point that his ‘Family Portraits‘ is one of the all-time great electronic albums. I stand by this statement. Fittingly – the man himself has just released a new track this week. It’s called The Daisy. Good man Felix. New album surfacing October 22nd. This is solid gold.

Urchin / Find You

Leo Appleyard is one of my favourite producers and he has just released one of his finest works to date. Find You is high tempo, floor-filling and rips along like one of them summer festival tunes that has everyone with their eyes closed and arms raised high. I can’t believe how good this track is actually. Come on Spotify robot, pick it up and give Leo the hundreds of thousands of streams this deserves. Been dancing around the house to this one all day. Yes Yes and Yes.

Jungle / Lucky I Got What I Want

Now this isn’t a new release by any stretch but I’m on a high about this track again. Saw Jungle play at the O2 Academy in Brixton two nights ago and had the best five minutes of my year taking in this song and the visuals employed behind it. The entire gig was rip-roaring energy from start to finish, I loved it all but Lucky I Got What I Want was the cream. Electronic ambience and flashing lights – take me back to that one again. I actually considered rummaging the internet for tickets to last nights gig to hear it again. Jesus these guys are good. Well done Biig Piig for opening up with style and swag too – representing Leitrim well here in London.

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