The Sound Sniffer’s ‘Post’ Lockdown Mixtape #37

Back to the monologue – back to what I enjoy the most about this blog.

Welcome to episode thirty seven of The ‘Post’ Lockdown Mixtape – the feature that keeps rolling and rolling. Although there is a wedding happening downstairs in the venue right now, I’ve got a window of time to draft this piece. Life has been pretty cool of late, I’ve been exploring aspects of my existence that I’d put on the back burner over the last five or six years. This blog was pretty much my baby for the last two (and I was happy with that) but now I’m looking for someone to share time with. Not saying the blog isn’t actual life – it’s a huge part of it but for the first time I’ve been willing to let someone into my life. Looking for the right person has been very fun.

A few amazing characters have come into focus lately – a couple of them fleeting and on the other end of the scale, some lasting friendships have hatched too. It’s something that’s just happened – I didn’t set out to look for someone, it just automatically happened and what a pleasant experience it’s been. It’s a new feeling, I feel quite good. Long may it continue and hopefully something will stick.

All looking good.

Anyway, let’s get into the music — First off, Griffy Jams has a new one out, no better place to start.

Griffith James / Jesus Honey

Okay, this is epic. Griffith James is a gift that will keep giving for a while to come it seems. I shared his debut single Market & Black a couple of months ago and even had the privilege of chatting to him as he sat in his back garden in LA. His story is an incredible one : read about it here. The music is pure and has been produced by Tennis which means every sound is polished and every melody is crisp, refreshing and clean.

Jesus Honey touches upon his younger days breaking free from the Christian cult his parents reared him into. He ran away – took a jump and his music paints a picture of his interesting and abnormal origins. This is a stellar track.

James Blake / Life Is Not The Same

Yo Kev? This ain’t an underground artist – why is Blake here?

Well! Let me tell you something, this track is absolutely spellbinding – that’s why it’s here.

I listened to James Blake when I was a kid – I was a happy kid but always enjoyed time alone in my room listening to music. Bon Iver and Blake had a huge place in my heart in those years. Lindisfarne II especially : when a sixteen year old me blasted out that track in the kitchen, my parents would stare at me wondering what was up. Nothing was up, I was just addicted to Lindisfarne II and still am. Life Is Not The Same brings me back to the same space – it’s another Blake masterstroke. Get it into ya.

Future Islands / Peach

Another fairly massive artist here who doesn’t quite need a Sniffer review to teleport themselves to stardom (yes, that’s the type of gravitas we have here, hehe). Future Islands represent everything I love in life. Expression, Fearlessness, not caring what others think, swagger and grooves. Been dancing the Sam Herring since 2012. I brought his dance moves to the dance floor in Malaysia – they lapped up the ‘Seasons‘ chest slap and full body sway. Not going to say any more.

Take from that what you will. True story.

Jose Gonzalez / Swing

What is happening this week? It’s like everyone on my 2013 iPod playlist is releasing new material today – have I gone back in time or something?

Jose Gonzalez needs no introduction, his music is adored by millions. Swing is his latest one released via City Slang. Very exciting.

Angus & Julia Stone / Love Song

Unreal. The best comes last. Another circa 2009 iPod stalwart. Angus and Julia Stone were firm favourites during my ‘lie-in-bed’ phases. Paper Aeroplane and Mango Tree being two all-time greats. Today, yes, TODAY, they have released their new album (their seventh) titled Life is Strange. I only had to listen to the opening track Love Song to come to the conclusion that these two siblings are still relevant.

This is a summertime bop, an essential road trip song. It’s got it all – Track of the Week.

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