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Hi hey hello what’s up everyone! Sienna here – the newest Sound Sniffer team addition. Let me introduce myself, I’m an Australian stumbling my way through London, I love music and all the people that make it, and I think the world would just be an incredibly boring place if humans stopped creating weird and funky and beautiful sounds and pictures and all and everything in between. I love to write, I adore surprises and finding new things, and I am so excited to share good music with you all.  

I could go on, but I’m going to take a step back for now and let my music taste speak for me. What could be a more fitting way for you to get to know me as a creator on this platform than to share my first mixtape (and to appease those of you that are mourning the end of the Lockdown Mixtapes Kevin was curating). So here it is, short and sweet, but my favourite tunes of the past week…

Welcome to episode one of The Scoop: Our top tracks, delivered to you. Scoop out your favourites.

First up we have Deep Brown Eyes by Bedside Kites. I honestly don’t know where to start with this one, I was struck the first time I heard it, in every which way. The opening notes deliver a promise of a feel good, drinks in the sun with your best mates, car rides along the coast in summer, just an all-around warm song. It elevated both my mood and stroll into work immediately, and I was ready for whatever came next. The vocals enter soft and lovely, complimenting the melody immensely and working in complete harmony with every sound in the mix. It makes sense and works so well. But as you continue to listen undertones of a familiar sadness make themselves apparent; the lyrics paint a picture of ending a relationship not when you want to, but when you need to. Adding this sentiment into the mix creates a beautiful contrast to the instrumental, highlighting all the emotional stages of ending something good. Despite this though, the tune remains a complete bop and I would highly recommend it.

Next enters Magnolia by The Essentialists, reminiscent of noughties British indie fused with a soft rock chorus that makes me want to do nothing else but dance around my flat. The track starts off slowly, soft instrumental and mellow vocals, before the drum beat kicks in and signals that things are about to ramp up. The thing about this song for me is simply the way in which the band have managed to blend genres together so smoothly – creating a mix that’s perfect for any mood. The Essentialists perfectly understand the art of repetition, creating dynamics that keep the listener invested, drawing from different influences and artists (think The Kooks meets Two Door Cinema Club for example), and all in all they have created something very special with Magnolia.

Walden Pond by Atta Boy found me a few months back in the form of a quick Shazam as I passed by a café. There are so many things I could say about this song, from the multifaceted vocals, so rich and full to the ear, but with an underlying layer of truth and pain to the beautiful blend of instruments used to fabricate all the wonderful noise this song provides. This is one of those rare songs that you not only tells a story, but creates a story out of all the lives that listen to it; it draws you in like no other. The opening notes mirror Mazzy Star’s famous Look on Down from the Bridge, setting the scene for a devastatingly raw piece, before the pace picks up slightly and, accompanied by the vocals, delivers a truthful, stripped back mix. Alongside all this, the instrumental balances that perfect line between repetition and a catchy tune, meaning this is one that will be stuck in your head. Listen with caution, you’ve been warned. That’s me done for now, happy listening and be sure to keep an eye out for articles to come, will be sure to bring you nothing but the best.

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Sienna Filipetto

Sienna is an Australian musician who made the move to London last year. She’s developed a massive love for the UK music scene, and is keen to write a lot more about all it has to offer.

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