Sienna’s Selection : Carrie Biell’s New Single ‘California Baby’

What a doozy I’ve got for you all this week, freshly released single California Baby by Carrie Biell. Listening to this track is honestly what’s got me through the last few days of work, it’s upbeat, fun, and hails to the ideas of summer romance in a really nostalgic but fresh way somehow; one of those songs where it all feels a bit familiar, and you’re connecting in someway, but is also just completely new to your ears. A magical combination if you ask me. 

Carrie Biell is no stranger to the music scene, coming from a background of many different projects and many different sounds, her new solo releases are said to be influenced by the quiet of quarantine, and time spent alone with herself. Which, in and of itself, is something all of us can relate to. She’s also a proud queer artist if you didn’t need another reason to listen to her! An absolute ‘good music by good people doing good things’ situation. California Baby is the reminiscent dream you need to be listening to right now. With it’s soft vocals that feel like the pastels of her album cover, funky instrumentals and lyrics that you can both scream along to as you drive down a highway somewhere, and also hit you a little hard if you listen closely. It’s a song for every mood, every person.

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