Seven London-Based Electronic Musicians We Look Forward to Hearing Live in 2022

The Sound Sniffer is heading towards its fourth birthday as a music blog in 2022. ‘Tis mad to think it’s been this going this long – considering it felt like yesterday it all began with myself roughly issuing articles of babble about my favourite music whilst sitting bored behind the reception desk at a hostel in White City. This was something to take my mind off the mundanity and the expanse of time which drained away as I sat awaiting bookings to arrive to show to their rooms. Today the blog is still going strong and still as focused on supporting new emerging talent as ever. Its new focus lies within hosting gigs in London which showcase the cream of the crop.

In this feature, I will run through some electronic artists we are looking forward to seeing perform live in London in 2022.

Model Man

I’ve been tracking Model Man since their very first singles as a brotherly duo and it wasn’t a rocket-science prediction to sense they would move up the ranks swiftly here in London. In the early days, they were following in the footsteps of other sibling duos such as Disclosure and Overmono, forcing through the noise to become one of London’s freshest electronic entities. Although the Model Man moniker seems to have reduced down to only one brother now ( Mark Brandon ), the sound quality remains extremely high. Model Man has become a force to be reckoned with and 2022 will be a great time to see Brandon live in all his glory.


London’s Tariq Hussain aka Shafkkat is only just getting going essentially in the electronic world and is looking to follow up his high octane debut EP ‘Ode to None‘ (2020) with more material in 2022. A producer who likes to dapple in a varied range of styles, it’s going to be exciting listening to his new work. This year is sure to be a year where Tariq graduates to the stage and showcases his music for the London gig going folks. I’ll be there for sure when that happens.

Nili Fossae

Emerging London based duo Nili Fossae is formed of two working parts – Pete Sené and Martin Roberts. They’ve recently dropped their opening two singles out into circulation and the early feedback has been positive. Into The Blue, the duo’s lively second single stood out to me immediately. It follows their ambient debut single ‘All The Light They Cannot See‘ which was received incredibly well within the blogosphere.

Named after a group of large trenches on planet Mars, Nili Fossae’s sound is influenced by the tranquility of Olafur Arnolds in stages and takes on a harder edge in places not dissimilar to Jon Hopkins‘ glitchy beat, synth and bass work. Their latest single rings through in the mood of Hopkins’ piece de resistance ‘Open Eye Signal‘ both in its atmosphere and gritty intensity towards its broody conclusion. These guys are sure to be a sight to behold when they get playing live shows in the capital. A big prospect.

Joeri Pronk

Dutch producer Joeri Pronk has been living in London for a few years and has slowly been giving his fans fleeting teasers of what’s to come. He has released three tracks over the last two years (Olan, Dralen, Thansk) and each of them are of the highest quality. Joeri operates on the downtempo and more minimal side of the scale ( Felix Dreiser is another who has mastered this intelligent style ) – his music, best enjoyed on a late night commute home on the train. I frequently enjoy his music alongside the shimmering lights of the city as the tube shuttles by building after building. I’m looking forward to seeing this talented operator performing his stuff alongside stage lighting in a venue in 2022.

Music to slow the heart rate down.

Dot Never

South London electronica/indie collective Dot Never appeared just as the lockdown took hold when their debut single Drill swept through electronic music blog homepages and received numerous features. This coverage, in hindsight, came at the worst time possible for any musician starting out for obvious reasons. With no gigs, music all-but coming to a standstill and all this uncertainty continuing till this very day – it’s been a tricky time for this talented collective. With all this said, they’ve persevered and have since released four more tracks – Totality, Sonder, Centrifuge and You Took Your Time being my picks of the bunch. They played a gig last November in Peckham Audio which I missed, but I’m hoping to have them around to the Finsbury in 2022.

Simeon Rodgers

Simeon Rodgers‘ gig in December had to be rescheduled due to the Christmas Covid madness but it will be arranged again soon. Totally excited to finally getting to see his live stuff in 2022. Lots of analogs, distortion, vocal effects, filters and synths to be expected and enjoyed. When Simeon isn’t touring around the globe working with Elderbrook, he has been fine-tuning his own style which is becoming more and more impressive with every passing release. Heavy.


Been following Manchester-born Sonnee‘s (Charlie Mannion) progress for a couple of years now. He has relocated to London recently and seems to be mixing within a great community since. He’s exchanged remixes with up and coming duo Jacanta People, and signed up to Model Man‘s imprint Attack Decay Sweet Release — having broken through the listener barrier himself independently with his early work, this new team around him will bring his music to the next level. Live shows will be an imminent feature in this development. Exciting.

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