Hallelugenia – Voices & Ghosts

Bristol is our next port of call for a pensive piece from experimental electronic act Hallelugenia. This is a more serious, darker composition but it’s highly effective in it’s construction.

The song starts with well pitched groaning opening vocals over some throwback keyboard work. The whole song is then elevated nicely with those clear, almost ‘Videogames-ish (Lana Del Ray) emotive chord progressions build the atmosphere and those wonderful James Blake-esque distorted vocal snippets come into the mix. I’m liking the ideas at play here – the song has a real compelling edge to what it’s trying to portray. The little subtle melodies that scatter around in the background are pretty cool and also the unique percussion! Nice one.

Check out the music video below, this is a very well made shoegaze track. The video is also fairly deep! If you like it, ‘A Prayer For The River‘ is another quality one. Enjoy.


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