Sub Sequence- Seize Release

Something very different here – a little bit of downtempo electronic never did anyone any harm. Seize Release is what we call, perfect meditation music. This one comes from German electronic sound wizard Sub Sequence. A minimal piece that is ideal to flake out to – close the eyes, follow the subtle progression and let this soundscape take you on a trancelike journey.

What intruiges me the most here is the brooding bass that weives in and out throughout. It is quite powerful actually and on the right speakers this is absolutely spellbinding to be honest. The little vocal clips used at the mid/latter end remind me of the producion style of Scottish experimental artist Koreless – who really caught my ear a couple of years ago. The little vocal flurries create a very surreal athmosphere and knit the whole thing together nicely. The drum pattern is very intense (almost war-like) once it gets going and I just have to compliment the sound quality on display – absolutely crystal.

This is music production of the highest quality and music like this takes years and years of studying/grafting to produce – Sub Sequence has been honing his craft since 1996. I tip my hat!

I’m no expert, but presume anyone who knows a thing or two about creating electronic music will really appreciate the sheer pristine sound quality of this one.

Moles Daydream is also top drawer.

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