Progressive House | Neon Transmission – Nice Weather for Arps

Neon Transmission

With the sun splitting the skies on this scorcher in London it certainly is Nice weather for arps. The wibbily wobbily arpeggios flowing through this fine progressive house track from Neon Transmission are an ideal accompaniment for this fabulous Saturday afternoon. This track would be perfect to play at a big festival in the sunshine. Man, I wish we were at Glastonbury right now!

Neon Transmission is the brainchild of South London based producer Ru Goddard. He has been producing and engineering behind the scenes for others for decades. This is his baby & solo project and it is sounding very swell. He was a pivital cog in Aftertouch records in the early 2000’s and we are lucky to be getting his solid blend of production here. It is clear, like Sub Sequence, that this music from Goddard has been created using his vast experience in the game. You won’t get a rookie making house music as crisp and intelligent as this.

Nice Weather for Arps is a lovely offering from this well oiled producer. The arpeggios weave in and out seamlessly and efficiently. This is a tune to just close the eyes to. Let Goddard bring you on a little electronic journey. We hope you enjoy this one. This is very well balanced progressive house. God, I love a good arpeggio.

Sub Sequence- Seize Release < another top drawer electronic producer.

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