David Kitt, Fehdah & Kean Kavanagh – Follow the Sound

Three Ireland are one of the biggest companies in Ireland these days and I am very impressed with their new music initiative. ‘Made by Music’ is focused on commissioning collaborative tracks between the country’s most promising musicians. This is an absolutely wonderful idea. Last year was the turn of trio Jafaris, Kormac and Saint Sister – this time one of my favourite Irish acts gets his go. David Kitt has been an artist I have been following for a while now. His instrumental track Hammer Time was ranked #7 on my 2018 top tracks list. Here he is joined by softboy member and Kojaque’s right hand man Kean Kavanagh and singer Fehdah. The track titled ‘Follow the Sound’ is kind of Chillwave in it’s construction, it is a deep little groover.

The video:

What you will realize quickly is that the music video accompanying this one is absolutely brilliant. In this Spotify driven world I actually rarely get to watch music videos these days. Gone are the days of peering patiently at MTV and waiting for my favorite video to come on. This video is an absolute gem of a thing. Directed by the acclaimed Ian Robertson (Dizzie Rascal, Duke Dumont), it was bound to be a good one.

The video follows a bizarre artistic five minutes of madness from the newlywed protagonist who gets absolutely lost in the music and probably bins the marriage completely as a result. As first dances go, I highly doubt this one can be topped as she scuttles through a catering kitchen, strips on a table and lathers herself in chocolate fondue erotically in front of shocked onlookers. She is my kind of gal, anyone got her details?

The package of tune and video work perfectly for me, I think this initiative by Three Ireland will really open the doors for Irish acts to push out into a broader market. We have so much talent on our shores, pooling them together is a fantastic idea. Whoever championed this idea deserves fierce credit in my book. Check out this quality collaboration below. Big respect to David Kitt, Fehdah and Kavanagh for taking part.

Link to Three Music

Throwback to my 2018 top 10 list featuring David Kitt – Hammertime at #7 > TSS’S Best Songs of 2018

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