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New release Talkin' from Dublin's very own TADGH

Great friend of ours here at The Sound Sniffer – Shane ‘TADGH’ Nolan – returns with his latest installment with the impressive Talkin’. He has been a stalwart on the Irish music scene for over five years now. This is a tune that has been sat on for a good few months and finally it has been released to the world. We are delighted to share it with you all on this beautiful Friday afternoon in London. I have the bottle of Grolsch on ice in the garden as we speak, with TADGH blaring.

A couple of years ago Nolan struck the mark with his brilliant ‘OkayLove’ release. He received rave reviews from the likes of ‘HotPress Magazine and ‘Nialler9. Two big influencers (pardon the word) on the Irish music publications tree. The tune went on to be included in several well followed Spotify curated playlists and offered TADGH his first taste of the numbers he will need to make it to the next step. Since then, like millions of musicians, he is trying to make all of his new stuff similarly appealing to the bigwigs of Spotify etc. Keeping the hype is incredibly difficult. I am fairly convinced that Nolan’s upcoming releases will catapult him from mid-table upcoming Irish act into a hidden gem.

Irish music maker TADGH with his new single Talkin'

TADGH produces his music himself in a shed at the bottom of his garden at home. Talkin’ was born around six months ago when he and his brother Cillian were messing around and bashed out a demo late one night. There was something that just stuck straight away. The tune sounded almost radio ready even at that early point. I remember when I heard it first, I was over visiting the infamous production shed and Talkin’ came on the speakers. I knew that this would be the next one, it just had a very catchy ring to it. Fast forward a few months. A few hard hours on the chopping board with Cormac Butler (True Tides, The Academic) and the track has surfaced today.

Words from the artist

”This song comes from the perspective of a man who has met someone new but their conversation has no depth or heart to it. This new person only wants to speak about materialistic aspects of life. This leads the protagonist to confess how he craves this level of depth and honesty now.”

I won’t blabber on any longer. The music will do the Talkin’. I have been patiently waiting for this one, I’m delighted to be able to listen to the full version now. We are so lucky to have so many rich artists on the Irish music scene.

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