Chillwave | Niva – Sudden Changes

Stockholm’s Christian Niva has definitely turned a few heads in the decade he has been producing his melancholic blend of chillwave music. Today, he releases his third EP titled ‘Forever is over’. It is electro pop executed very well indeed. I heard of him in passing over the years with a couple of his remix’s getting spun at various times. One mix I enjoyed was his adaptation of a Sun Glitters track called to much to lose. I have featured Glitters on Sniffer in the early days as I love his glitch style, Niva ironed out a pretty good remake on that one. It is the pretty decent closing track of this new EP that has put me on Niva again. Sudden Changes was plonked into my June playlist after about thirty seconds, sometimes that’s all it takes to know you like one.

Sudden Changes is one of them songs that you would expect in a swanky advert for Topman, Rolex or something. The production oozes top shelf star quality. It doesn’t hang around, there are no big intro’s or build ups to set the scene, the thing just starts high octane from the outset. Industry experts are whispering that the first thirty seconds of a track are crucial nowadays in music. The kids just don’t have the attention span to listen to a long drawn out intro. Niva has certainly ticked the attention span box on this one, whether intentional or not. The chilled out combination of vocals and hi hats here is right up my ally.

This is a great piece of Chillwave music from Niva. I am digging this, I hope you like it too.

The EP was released via the trusted Scandinavian Hybris Records.

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