Mindchatter – Kerosene

Mindchatter with a quite lovely little downtempo release today. Kerosene is his fifth release of a very successful breakout year with all four of his previous offerings receiving rave reviews. Some of the tracks have picked up plays by legendary curator Pete Tong on BBC Radio 1. As initial signs go, I doubt many artists can boast that kind of traction. This tune is groovy in all the right places, I live for hearing artists like this. Kerosene has stopped me in my tracks here. Mindchatter is most definitely in my top 5 artists this month beside Joel Ansett, Blood Root, Safe As Houses and Richy Mitch & The Coal Miners.

The latest track Kerosene starts off with some pensive chords and a shimmering synth. The simple percussion joining the fold creates a languid and effortlessly chilled musical atmosphere. Chatter’s vocal then comes in – a mix of authentic singing and distorted vocals, normally I’m wary of any electronic effects on vocals but here they are used sparingly and perfectly. These trippy vocals are a trademark of this exciting new artist’s style. This is a fantastically suspenseful piece of music that had me rushing out a review in line with the release. Tops.

The other releases.

Touching upon his other four releases (linked on the Spotify player below), we find the Pete Tong supported ‘Tough as Nails’, which bounces along with those trippy vocals. The song has a solid bass line and killer overall rhythm. ‘Trippy’ pushes by in a style very similar to that of Elderbrook, the production quality is certainly on a level playing field. His sound has a very bubbly feel throughout, which is also the case for ‘Just Gonna Exist’ – the uniquely bizarre vocals on this track are class. The synth-work that Mindchatter brings to the table is so well timed and effective.

The final one to get the Sniffer rambling praise is Blood which is the most serious in subject matter of all the tracks to date. There is more purpose to this one with hostile lyrics and an overall darker glow. These are great tracks you know, Really looking forward to the debut album. This is an artist to shortlist and slap into your playlists – Watch this space.


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