Jeff LeBlanc – It’s About Us

Silky smooth vocalist Jeff LeBlanc has just released a very chilled out new single titled ‘It’s About Us’. We are loving this one here, what a voice he has. Jeff is currently touring with the Grammy award winning legend that is Boz Scaggs, a tour that also features Chaka Khan on the Hampton leg. Pretty impressive stuff opening shows like this to mega audiences. It’s fair to say LeBlanc’s talented are being noticed.

It’s About Us is a soul track that operates in a similar mold to the music heard on Hozier’s debut album. The background instrumentation hums away in the same soulful vein. Jeff LeBlanc has one of those naturally gifted voices that effortlessly just hits notes without fuss or strain. The thing I love the most about the song is the really subtle electric guitar riffs that flow through the song culminating in a lovely little solo three quarters of the way in. This little flurry of guitar, which only lasts a handful of seconds reminded me of the playing I adored in Isaac Delusion’s 2017 underrated tune Isabella.

It’s About Us is a pleasant track that doesn’t intrude on your space. It is one of those nice little calming tunes that you tuck away in a playlist for a stressful day. Nice work.

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