LoFi Rock | Somehow – Shut Your Eyes and See

Somehow shut your eyes and see

I was sent this track a couple of weeks ago and have been waiting for it’s release ever since. French LoFi rock outfit Somehow have released a chirpy and vibrant piece. Shut Your Eyes and See sounds like a quirky mix of Editors and Arcade Fire.

The amazing thing to bare in mind is that the whole thing is a one man band. Erwan Pépiot is a Parisian DIY multi-instrumentalist. He recorded the whole thing in his home studio. The only outside influence came from charming female vocalist Aurélie Tremblay. I just don’t get how people can just churn out the work of five band members these days. Jack Garrett was another multi-instrumentalist that stood out in recent times.

Somehow shut your eyes and see

Somehow is a project that successfully blends somewhat depressive tones in the vocal with chirpy, bouncy piano chords and plucky guitar. Pépiot’s vocal is certainly on the darker side of things. However, the whole arrangement sounds quite uplifting with all the elements combined. A very well constructed LoFi rock effort.

The music video:

I am liking the music video that accompanies the track too. A simple sightseeing trip to London always condures up stunning imagery. The video is very much in line with Erwan’s DIY, indie nature. Check it out.


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