Sniffer’s Top 5 Midweek Picks

Every Wednesday we pick the cream of the crop submissions from the trailing week. This week our list comprises of super tracks from the likes of Sienna Hamilton // Jelani Aryeh // Bad Pilot // Indigo Waves // David Baron & Donna Lewis Five: David Baron & Donna Lewis - Running up That Hill Kate... Continue Reading →

LoFi Rock | Somehow – Shut Your Eyes and See

I was sent this track a couple of weeks ago and have been waiting for it's release ever since. French LoFi rock outfit Somehow have released a chirpy and vibrant piece. Shut Your Eyes and See sounds like a quirky mix of Editors and Arcade Fire. The amazing thing to bare in mind is that... Continue Reading →

Clément Froissart – Peupleraie

Very nicely assembled synth-pop stuff here from French artist Clément Froissart. This is his new solo project as he splinters from his band 'Concorde'. This song and it's eerie drone synth running throughout (similar to Beach House - Norway) really stands out from first listen. This is just a superbly written piece of emotive music,... Continue Reading →

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