Clément Froissart – Peupleraie

Very nicely assembled synth-pop stuff here from French artist Clément Froissart. This is his new solo project as he splinters from his band ‘Concorde‘. This song and it’s eerie drone synth running throughout (similar to Beach House – Norway) really stands out from first listen. This is just a superbly written piece of emotive music, well timed sound effects and off-beat claps raise it’s impact as it crescendos torwards the end – clever clever stuff.

Peupleraie‘, has to be enjoyed in unison with the music video, as it is one of the most moving and well shot videos I have seen in a good long while. The video dipicts a young girl and her time spent with her troubled father as he tries to entertain her as best he can – the trouble is, he is sadly tainted by addiction. A fittingly emotional video clip for an emotive song. Really moving stuff here, well done to all involved!

Froissart’s new single ‘Amour Armure’ is out now – equally as good!

The winner of BEST DIRECTOR at the 2018 BMVA’s



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