Salute – JTS

Dreamy bass here from ‘Salute’ – a tune suitable for big crowds at a summer festival for sure. This is a UK dance hit worthy of being heard from up and coming young producer ‘Salute‘. I heard Annie Mac giving this a spin on BBC and had a snaky Shazam on it at the time. I loved this one as soon as it began with the little arpeggio and that first bash of the bass coupled with those wonderful summer retro female vocals. It seems this fella is going be releasing a more dancy EP now in April and I’m very keen to hear it. Certainly ‘Jacques Greene‘ vibes going on here.

This is a throwback to the roots of the UK bass heavy scene – ‘Salute’ takes his inspiration from artists such as SBTRKT, Mount Kimbie and Boddika – that era of exciting producers piloted this style of dance music – Salute aims to carry the gauntlet! With tunes like JTS, this fella could well be the next big thing on the British circuit. This song loosely reminds me of ‘My Girls‘ by Animal Collective at certain points (the synth). Have a listen!

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