Dumbo Gets Mad – Makes You Fly

Italian duo Luca Bergomi and Carlotta Menozzi formed this psych-rock project upon moving to LA back in 2010. I have just stumbled upon them now, god forbid, and what a first impression they’ve made! ‘Makes You Fly’ is superb on so many levels. The opening Jazz horns and percussion build this up nicely from the start point – gripping stuff, enhanced by a bass riff that funkily raises the tempo and vibe. We are then greeted with Menozzi’s vocal which comes across with an attitude similar to ‘The Ting Tings’ or ‘The Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ and the music morphs into the most vibrant FIFA soundtrack sounding stuff I’ve heard all year.

I remember hearing Fools Gold’s unreal uplifting tune Suprise Hotel for the first time a yearsss ago and thinking that I had just unearthed the sound of my summer that year, ‘Makes You Fly’ has given me the same feeling on first listen. A uniquely superb tune from this well respected and sought after Italian duo. When is FIFA 20’s soundtrack compiled? Cheeky £20 says this will be on there!

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