Indie Pop | Better Off Barefoot – When I Wake

L.A California is home to our next act to feature. Better Off Barefoot are an indie pop duo making a little bit of headway in the scene recently. They have been singing together for just over three years now, they are growing from strength to strength. When I wake was plopped into my June playlist after just one listen. This track just works.

The song starts off with some electronic distorted snippets. We are then introduced to the clean and clear lead vocal for the first time. As the whole thing progresses, the sense of chill is never interfered with. These two have made a pretty chill number here – I’m a fan.

These two are a hardworking duo that is for sure. They have been hard at building their brand over the last few years and they are slowly getting there. The music quality is good anyway, which always helps. They raised over five thousand dollars last year via Kickstarter to fund their promotional strategy so things are certainly looking up. The latest indie pop offering When I Wake was released a couple of days ago. It is my favourite from them thus far – Fire in My Words following closely.

If you are scrolling through their Spotify list below, make sure to check out Alone Together. The electro patterns in it are pretty damn cool.

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