Chernobyl Sunshine Club – Birthdayland

Alt Folk London based outfit Chernobyl Sunshine Club have been on the go since late 2016, They have just released a track that I have been listening to religiously since catching wind of it about a month ago. Birthdayland is something a little bit different. The song is quite dark in it’s tone and the imposing lead percussion pattern is unique in it’s sound. I was drawn to this instantly. These boys are knitting together some very thought-provoking musical ideas on this one.

The rolling percussion is the focal point here. There is an real intensity to what they are trying to portray. Rhythmically, this is a steller track. The lead singer’s voice is quite clean too, the little emotive breakdown torwards the end highlights the quality of the vocalist. I hear folky shades of Marcus Mumford in his voice – Chernobyl Sunshine Club are like Mumford & Sons’ grunge folk cousins.

Birthdayland comes with a very bizarre homemade music video too. It is packed full of peculiar facial expressions and two of the worst alien masks on YouTube. Not sure what’s going on there to be perfectly honest, but the quality of the song makes it work. Interesting concepts.

If you like what you are hearing, catch these guys playing in London on August 9th @ The Water Rats. They also headline Camden’s Dublin Castle on September the 14th. If you are floating about, be sure to stop by and check them out. High octane stuff guaranteed.

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