Flora & Fawna – Blame It On The Stars

Flora & Fawna are a LoFi electro pop duo hailing from Austin, Texas. The duo is comprised of Lili Hackman, with her soft and mellow vocals and Mason Ables on the beats. Both of them are talented multi-instrumentalists – who have been busy honing their respective crafts over the last twenty years jn and around Austin’s bustling scene. ‘Blame It On The Stars’ is their new single. This track is an accomplished blend of RnB, Neo-seol and electro pop. It sounds pretty damn cool.

The songs openings in a very mellow manner. We have subtle keys, a whisper of special effects which is then joined by a pretty flake electronic drum pattern. Hackman’s vocals arrive right on cue. Her voice has a lovely simplicity to it, no needless vibrato or forced notes. She sings well within her range, which is nice. I really enjoyed the verses in this one. The chorus is a sonic synth crescendo type deal, which is fitting to the lyrics she is uttering. This is quite a brooding and emotive chorus, I sense there is a little bit of anger coming out here. I like the emotional nature of this track, she is laying her emotions out on the table for all to see.

Check out Blame It On The Stars below.


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